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Top 3 Event Themes making their comeback in 2023

Our expert team have rounded up the top 3 event themes making their comeback in 2023. We predict 80’s retro, Masquerade and Alice in Wonderland to be the hottest trending themes for your gala dinner, awards ceremony, or party! Without further ado, take a look at the answers you’ve been looking for! 

80’s Retro


This retro themed party has become one of our most popular theming choices, and a firm favourite in our top theme predictions for 2023! An immersive, fun, and interactive theme catered for all ages and all types of people, it is guaranteed that everybody will have the time of their lives with an 80’s style party!

As guests arrive, our meet and greet team will blast out tracks from the 80’s and get the party started! Prepare your best outfit and take out those leg warmers, neon colours, shimmer and sparkle, and oh, of course, those gadgets from the past. It’s all about the 80’s in this party.

We suggest the following décor for your perfect party …

• Multi-coloured and shimmer curtains.

• Giant 80’s posters, murals and décor which make for a marvellous photo op.

• Rubik inspired decorations, such as ginormous Rubik’s Cubes and Rubik cube style table centres.

• Table decorations that include cassettes.

• Massive ghetto blaster props, over-sized sweetheart candy tubes, vinyl records, and a vast range of other 80’s props and decorations to make sure everything is covered with brightness and fun.

Just leave it all to the Eventologists team to give you the best themed entertainment you will ever see. It’s time for you to belt out and dance around those handbags to the cheesiest of 80’s hits! 




When looking for something out of the usual, the magic and glamour of a Masquerade Ball makes it an extremely popular option all year round for themed events. Whether you call them Masquerade themed parties or Venetian themed events, there’s one thing in common – Theatre!

A Masquerade Themed Event will take you back to the days of the Italian Renaissance, an era that was steeped in rich materials, lavish wall draping, themed backdrops, striking face and eye masks and Romanesque props and ambient lighting.

Guests will love to attend a Masquerade themed event, for its elegance and sophistication allow everybody to dress up in their finest gowns and attires. Besides, who doesn’t love the mystery of finding who’s behind the mask?

Here at Eventologists we have a team of talented event stylists that will listen to your Masquerade Ball party ideas to incorporate them with those of our own and tailor a perfect event that is set to meet all your requirements and expectations. We also offer a wide array of in-house props and decorations that will assure you value for money and will save you from any of the worries that might come with organizing a prestigious event, such as:

• Lavish draping, tablecloths, and chair covers in luxurious fabrics such as velvet, in a colour scheme that captures the mystique of a Masquerade Ball.

• Striking and ravishing table centres to make every table stand out, such as mesmerising flowers, feathers, theatre masks, crystal vases full of colour, golden candelabra, among many more.

• Masquerade and theatre themed props and decorations, including giant theatre masks, feathers, trees for hire, frames and mirrors, and renaissance pillars, which work as an excellent photo op for the guests to take a memory of the event with them.

• Chandeliers and mood lighting to enhance the theatrical feeling of the room.


To keep guests entertained during the whole evening, we offer superb Masquerade themed entertainment that includes performances from dancers, contortionists, illusionists, and stilt walkers that are certain to create a memorable spectacle, thanks to their unparalleled talents and top-notch Masquerade inspired costumes.

Get ready to sway the night away in your best clothes while being transported to an era of mystery and glamour with Eventologists’ Masquerade Themed Event, that will instantly become a night your guests will always remember.


Alice in Wonderland 


You’re late, you’re late, you’re very late! Last but certainly not least our Alice in Wonderland theme takes the final spot for our Combe six event theme predictions of 2023! 

Our Alice in Wonderland decorations & themed props will provide the finishing touches to any Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Even with Alice being over 150 years old, Alice in Wonderland themed parties and events are still so nostalgic and popular. This theme is a quirky alternative for any corporate event, and here at Eventologists our creative stylists will engineer a world steeped in the magical and nonsensical elements of Alice’s world with topsy turvy themed props and party supplies.

Your guests will enter through topiary trees and foliage tunnels decorated with gigantic flowers to a space illuminated by twinkling lights with mood-lit lighting for a crazy fun packed night where literally anything could happen!

The photo ops available for this whimsical themed party are endless, counting with themed decorations that include, among others:

• Oversized toadstools.

• Enchanted trees.

• Playing cards.

• Tea party props.

• A giant Cheshire Cat.

Bring the story to life by entering your Alice themed event down a wintery life-size Rabbit Hole entrance and stepping through the iced Looking Glass. Unlock your very own glorious adventure of curiosity. Follow our magical pathway into a world of ice and imagination and into your own white winter wonderland, as you are careful not to bump into the terrible Jabberwock or mysterious Bandersnatch.

8 Top Ideas for Spring themed table centres

Spring themed table centres are popular centrepieces in the months of February, March and April as a seasonal table décor ideas. Blossom table centres, foliage table centres, floral Easter themed centrepieces all make stunning table art and once these are integrated within spring themed event décor and props, the full event production can be stunning for corporate events and a fresh change from classic gala dinner themes.

Spring themed event ideas can range from oriental themed events to mark the start of the hanami festival, growth themed events around words like bloom, energise and grow. Or blossom themed spring events. Whatever your Spring Event Idea, we have a great table centre to suit.

Top 8 Spring Table centre ideas:

1.Blossom Goldfish Table Centres
Our Blossom Goldfish Table Centres are a beautiful, understated spring themed table centrepiece that will bring charm to the table in a way that allows for great interaction between guests, for they perfectly low height. We have lots of Blossom Table Centres for hire that can be beautifully lit to make them even more special while enhancing the decoration that surrounds them.cherry blossom fish bowl light up mirror box base table centres

Easily incorporated into any kind of decoration, our Blossom Goldfish Centrepieces are perfect for a myriad of events. They can be easily combined with diverse colour schemes and fabrics. They always shine the most in Spring themed events, for their lovely floral arrangement encapsulates the spirit of the season; they look particularly dashing when accompanying our Blossom trees for hire!

2.Cherry Pink Ball Table Centres
Cherry Pink Ball Table Centres are a lovely option when you want to add a touch of colour to your decoration in a charming, understated way, for their monochromatic design makes them stand out when combined with the appropriate colour palette. There is a reason why flowers never go out of style, and these Cherry Pink Ball Table Centres are always ready to bring a contemporary and vibrant splash of colour to any event.

Cherry Pink Ball Table Centres for hire are perfect for a myriad of events, for they can easily be combined with different styles and themes, whether it be an Enchanted Forest, a Garden themed party, or simply a refined gala with a subtle colour scheme. They can easily stand out or blend with the atmosphere, depending on what every host wants, and that is what makes them a must.

3.Enchanted Woodland Table Centres
Enchanted Woodland Table Centres are as diverse as they are magical and charming. Our talented designers have tailored many different variations of centrepieces inspired by the mystique of an Enchanted Woodland, incorporating nature elements such as pieces of wood, logs, flowers and foliage, and combining them with crystals, pearls and candles to make each design an inimitable work of art.
Enchanted Woodland Table Centrepieces are perfect for many types of events, for they are easily adaptable into themes such as Enchanted Forest, Alice in Wonderland or Spring! They can suit into simple, colourful themes too, showing their true versatility. They are sure to leave guests wonderstruck with their loveliness and magical vibe!

4. Foliage Table Centres
Our Foliage Table Centres are some of our favourites, for they offer the best qualities from nature in an elegant way that can be moulded for any occasion. Their natural charm creates an interesting twist on table centres at all types of understated corporate award parties, while also being the perfect complement for many sustainable themed events.

Our team of event stylists will set the exquisite Foliage Table Centrepieces for hire at the venue of your choice, styling them in the best way to make the room look dashing and splendid, saving you from any worries regarding the organisation of the party on such an eventful day.

5.Fresh Floral Table Centres
If you are looking for Spring Floral Table Centres, our resident florists will design and make the most stunning fresh flower centrepieces to suit the theme of your event or the brand that you are showcasing. If you wish for us to source spring foliage, plants or other fresh flowers, then say no more. We will make sure to make all your flowery dreams come true!
We have at disposition a wide range of elements to create the best Fresh Floral Table Centres for hire in different sizes and designs.

6.Spring Blossom Hanging Birdcage Table Centre

Spring Blossom Hanging Birdcage Table Centres

This Spring Hanging Birdcage Table Centre is beautiful for Spring Events but also popular for a variety of themes from Secret Garden Theme, Alice in Wonderland Theme, Enchanted Woodland Theme. These hanging table centres tower above tables, so you never need to worry about sight lines! Combine with Blossom Tunnels, Blossom Arches, Artificial Japanese Blossom Trees, Wooden Furniture and Floral Living Walls to finish the look!

7.Spring Cluster Vase Table Centre

Cluster Vase table Centres look great for a classic awards dinner or gala dinner table centre where elegance is the theme. Cluster Vase Centrepieces make stunning centrepieces all year round either as themselves with candles or with flowers and foliage added to them. Combine with colourful or black table linen for the finishing touches for an understated look

8.Rustic Vintage Table Centres

Our Rustic Vintage Table Centres suit a variety of themes from Victorian Themes, Harry Potter Themes, Coachella Theme, Madhatters Theme or a private party. These table centres can include fresh or silk flowers and are often used with an eclectic mix of table centres. Combine with hessian tablecloths, unusual fabrics and wooden furniture.Rustic Vintage Jar Table Centres

For more details or a quotation for your next event, contact one of our Eventologists Event Managers today.

Light up the party with Fire Acts and Angle Grinders!

When hosting an event, finding something that has a wow factor is quite important. You want to have something that can make guests wonderstruck, having a blast! If you are a daring host that is not afraid to make a bold move, then you might want to check out our Fire Acts and Angle Grinders for hire, they will undoubtedly light the party up with their performances!

When it comes to hosting an event, every little detail counts and is equally important in order to gather the perfect elements that can take you party from something good to something that stands out above the average. You will need to find the best there is to make this happen, and here at Eventologists we offer only excellence.

When you are looking forward to creating an engaging and entertaining atmosphere where guests can truly feel like they are having the time of their lives, you need to add some amazing live entertainment and artists, and we cannot stress enough how much of a great idea it is to book some of our marvellous Fire Acts and Angle Grinders hire, for they are sure to bring and electrifying and energetic element to your party that will leave every guest in total awe!

If you truly want to make something memorable with your event, why not add a little excitement and danger to your line-up and include one of our Fire Performers or Angle Grinders for hire? Body burning and fire eating are perfect for smaller venues, for they don’t require a lot of space, whereas fire breathing can be performed in certain venues with the required safety measures and at outdoor events where they our acts are sure to leave your guests spellbound. Angle Grinders guaranteed will astonish and amaze your crowd with their incredible acts!

Here at Eventologists we have curated a fantastic catalogue with all the best Fire Performers and Angle Grinders out there, so we can guarantee that there will always be the perfect act for your event.

Whether you are hostingMan wearing red robe fire breathing a corporate event or a private party, our Fire Acts and Angle Grinders hire are always a fantastic option that will add a unique and undeniably daring element to your evening. This kind of performances are especially popular and sought for when it comes to Circus, Greatest Showman, and Steampunk themed events, but they can be included as a breath-taking visual attraction at any kind of event.

Contact Eventologists’ team of experts to help you find the Angle Grinders and Fire Artists near you that best fit your magnificent event so you can book them right away and start planning a perfect evening!


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  • We’ve used the services of Eventologists on numerous occasions and their expertise is priceless. Great service as always from Rita and her team who are always full of ideas and ways to make your event stand out. We’ve hired sets for Moulin Rouge, Great Gatsby, Hollywood and Glitz and Glam plus they created a wonderful set for a festival including tress with festoon and flags. Highly recommended and great to work with.

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  • Wonderful team, from the event manager to the decorators! The choices of set ups and themes are really original as well as well made. Each event is done with lots of passion , always keeping the client best interest at heart. Great value for money, and they always go the extra mile!

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