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Circus Themed Party of your dreams!

Roll up, roll up and get ready to host the greatest show on Earth! With a Circus themed party from Eventologists, you and your guests will feel just as if you are about to watch the best performance of your lives!

Crazy Distortion Mirror, Peep Through and circus props.

From the moment they step into the venue, your guests will be dazzled by a spectacular show filled with the best Circus themed entertainment, for our performers include jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, and aerial artists, who make the evening a real whizz of Circus themed entertainment, with the best Circus costumes and props out there. Worry not for the faint of heart, for clowns are an optional extra!

Re-live those childhood memories and be entertained by the fantastic Ring Master himself, who will conduct the party and make sure everybody is having a blast during the whole evening.

Bring your best Circus party ideas and our event stylists will help you make a reality out of your vision and dreams, as they transform the venue of your choosing into a working big top tent brimming with carnival and circus themed props and decorations, from lit up backdrops, to bright carnival bunting, to fair ground stalls. No matter what your favourite part of the circus is, our experts are guaranteed to transport you and your guests there.

For the best authenticity and to make sure you don’t have any extra worries, we offer a vast range of circus themed decorations and props for hire to dress every corner in the room and bring the Circus alive, as well as to ensure that it all is just as you envision it to be. We count with:

To make it a truly immersive experience, you will be able to enjoy classic Circus treats such as popcorn and candy floss whilst browsing the many side shows, that include skaters and dancers, or simply while seating by absorbing the unique ambiance of this lovely Circus themed party.

Your guests are sure to leave with big smiles and unforgettable experiences after clowning around at your Circus themed event, whether it is a fun daytime party or an eccentric, whimsical event for the night!

Circus themed table centres and colourful chair covers

25 Marvellously Spooky Halloween Party Ideas

There is no denying it, one of the best things that autumn brings along is Halloween. This festivity is always full of fun and entertainment, at it lets a lot of room open for creativity, especially when organising a themed party! From classic ideas, to crazy, unique ones, we present you with no further ado our top 25 of Halloween party ideas!


  1. Hand out fun, spooky invitations

Let’s start setting the tone even from before the party actually starts! Whether you stick with ready-to-go invitations or choose to handcraft them yourself, having the perfect invitations will help you establish what will be the mood for your party and let your guests know it. Will it be spooky, or are you aiming for Halloween chic? Is it a family party, or is the soirée for adults only? Whatever you need to let your guests know beforehand, do it in style with cool themed invitations.


  1. Lead with a dramatic entrance

Make a dramatic entrance for your guests to get in the mood as soon as they set foot in in the room! Get theatrical draping and curtains, dim lighting, cobwebs! Add a welcoming sign with a witty and spooky phrase inviting your guests to come in, and they will surely be delighted from the start.

Halloween cemetery walkway

  1. Pick an inspiring colour scheme

Choosing a colour palette is absolutely important when organising a party, for it can help you make smart decisions regarding basically everything in terms of decoration. Depending on the colour scheme you choose, your party will have a specific mood and feel. Classic bright colours, like orange, green and purple, make for a whimsical and fancy-free mood; darker tones, like burnt orange, burgundy and black can create a grim atmosphere, while light or pastel colours can make for a chic and contemporary version of Halloween. It’s all up to you!


  1. Make the outdoors as spooky as the indoors

If you have outdoor space, don’t forget to make it part of the party too! Whether it is a front porch or a backyard, care for the decorations out the door as much as you care for the indoors one. If you have front space, it will help set the mood before entering the room; if you happen to have a backyard, you can take advantage of the space and bring the fun there!


  1. Design a scarily good menu

Food is always a pivotal part of a party and, in Halloween, how it looks matters as much as how delicious it is! This is the perfect time for getting creative, for this holiday allows for imaginative creations and reinventions of classic party food and any other dishes. How about trying some cheese stick fingers and hot sauce blood? Or maybe a few marshmallow ghosts? How about some cookie spiders coming out of a cookie graveyard? Let your imagination run wild with options!


  1. And a hauntingly cool list of drinks

When it comes to creating a menu, drinks are as important as food, and they can be equally fun, if not even more! It doesn’t matter if your menu includes alcoholic beverages or not, creating drinks catalogue for a Halloween party is a fun task. Want a bloody lemonade, or perhaps a brewing apple cider potion? Pick your favourites and give them a spooky twist!


  1. A memory to keep forever

If you want your guests to take a memory of the party home with them, handing out some thoughtful gifts would be a great idea. There are many ways to do it; you could give a handcrafted souvenir, a baked good, or following the spirit of the holiday, a personalized bag filled with candy! Your invitees will love the detail!


  1. Get dressed up for the fun

Halloween is synonyms with costumes, right? So, it’s a given that dressing up will be a fun and successful idea when it comes to a Halloween party. You can leave the door open for any kind of costume, or you could set a sort of dressing code for your guests: it could be only spooky costumes, or maybe you could all dress up as characters from a classic horror film! If you have fun, the possibilities are endless!

Halloween themed event with skeletons and autumn leaves

  1. Trick or Treating

If there will be kids at your party, then you might want to host them to a Trick or Treat evening. If your neighbours are up for it, you can get in contact with them to help the kids have fun. However, if they’re not in the mood for trick or treating, there’s no need to worry. You can have your own version of trick of treating, creating different stations at your own house with help from the adult guests. Kids will love it and everybody will get involved in the fun!


  1. Scare-tastic fun and games

It doesn’t matter the age target of your party, everybody loves playing fun games! Give a spooky twist to classic party games, like apple picking, a game of tic tac toe with pumpkins and spiders instead of X’s and O’s, pumpkin bowling, Halloween charades, a horror movie trivia, and whatever fun option comes into mind!


  1. Solving mysteries

If you are looking for something unique, why not make your Halloween event a truly immersive and fun experience for you and your guests by making it a mystery solving party? This is the perfect occasion for everybody to get involved in a delightful mystery solving evening. Was it a murder? A heist? Who is the responsible? Where did it happen? There are endless possibilities as to how the mystery will be solved! Bonus points to the party if guests are assigned a character and dress up like them!


  1. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Or, if you want a simpler variant of a mystery solving party, you can organise a scavenger hunt! These are always a lot of fun and making yours Halloween themed only makes it even better! This idea is equally suitable for adult only parties and for kid, family friendly ones, so it should be high on your list of ideas this Halloween.


  1. Horror Movie Night

If you and your friends love a good scare, a horror movie night could be the perfect thing for you to do in Halloween. Make a selection of your favourite classic horror flicks and then set the vibe with spooky decorations inspired by the movies you chose. Pair the evening with Halloween-inspired snacks and drinks and you are set for a classic yet super entertaining gathering.


  1. A frighteningly elegant gala

Are you planning a formal event that happens to be around Halloween time? If that is your case, then that is just the perfect excuse for organising a spooky gala! Take all the best elements from a classic gala dinner but make them spooky! From a dark colour scheme to typical Halloween details, you can combine it all to create a gloomy yet glitzy and glamourous atmosphere. This will give a fantastic edge to your party, creating an incomparable atmosphere that will sure be admired and remembered by guests.


  1. Halloween Brunch

On the other side, if you want to host a daytime party, what about turning a brunch into a Halloween occasion? You can set the scene to be spooky yet soft, with a lighter colour scheme than you would use in an evening event and give a scary twist to your traditional brunch menu. Your guests will undoubtedly love some bloody mimosas!


  1. Spooky Craft Party

If you enjoy handcrafting and DIY projects, hosting a Halloween craft party might be the perfect fit for you. There are many activities to be done in a craft party; carving pumpkins, painting bowls, making Halloween party garlands and trick or treat bags, and just about everything that you and your guests can imagine. There is a lot to be enjoyed when working on fun projects with friends!


  1. Only DIY décor in the house

Once you have all your projects from the craft party done, how about taking them and setting on a full DIY decoration? It will give a nice and definitely distinctive and unique look to your house, for all the décor will be personalised and handcrafted according to your personal tastes. This is a cool alternative to common store decorations, and one that comes from having fun making all the embellishments you are about to use!


  1. Boho Halloween

If you want to drift away from the traditional gloomy Halloween mood, you could shake things off a bit and opt for a boho style Halloween setting. A fun alternative, this could be a great fit for those who look to keep an arty and bohemian aesthetic throughout the holiday. Perfect for showcasing uniqueness and creativity, a Boho Halloween would be without a doubt a party to remember!


  1. A prize for the spookiest cocktail

Only here for the drinks? No problem at all! Hosting a cocktail contest is always a cool idea but making it Halloween themed only doubles up the fun! Every guest ought to present an original cocktail inspired by Halloween, and then everybody can vote for their favourites. Encourage your guests to be creative both in looks and taste, and maybe even in creating a backstory for their drink; if there’s a time to have fun, this is it!


  1. Fortune telling

Do you want to know what the future has in store for you? Well, having a fortune teller at your party would be a fun way to do it. Find a local fortune teller and get them to read yours and your guests future! Crystal balls, tarot cards, tea leaves… all of them have an eerie a mysterious aura that fits perfectly in the mood of a Halloween party!

Halloween themed tunnel with skeletons, pumpkins and autumn leaves

  1. A pumpkin patch everywhere

There is nothing as representative of Halloween as pumpkins, so having your party designed around them is nothing short of a fantastic idea. Classic orange, black, pumpkins with a message written in them, Jack-o’-lanterns, chandeliers, garlands… add them wherever you like them and your party will scream Halloween!


  1. Snack boards full of delicacies

Snack boards are a fun way of displaying food in an appealing and aesthetic fashion, and Halloween snack boards are a delight to do! From the seasonal snacks and candies that can fill it, to the countless ways in which you can set them, snack boards are a winning option at any party!


  1. A gothic manor

If you like a dramatic aesthetic, you can go all out and turn your space into a mysterious gothic manor! Go for a dark colour scheme, dramatic laces, and chandeliers. Let candles provide the lighting for the room and it will both work as decoration as it makes the theme look authentic. As a plus, it could work as a perfect setting for a mystery solving evening!

Halloween themed table centre

  1. Piñatas full of candy

What would you say if there was a way to keep your Halloween traditionally revolving around candy while also adding a fun twist to it? If your answer is that you would go for it, then good news! Piñatas are just what you’ve been waiting for! Instead of handing candy in the traditional way, you can fill some themed piñatas with your favourite candy and have fun while smashing them!


25.Themed party

Between the decorations and the costumes, Halloween is the perfect time for themed fun, so why not take it to the next level and go with a completely themed party? There are countless options for this, for there are plenty of iconic movies, books and tropes that revolve around Halloween; just pick your favourite one and transform your space into a spooky place, where guests can gather dressed up as the characters that inspire the theme of the party!

Oktoberfest Party ideas? Viel Glück!

There is no doubt that Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivities in the world, with millions of people going to Germany each year to take part in a festival full of food, beer, and fun. However, you don’t need to go to Munich to enjoy this event, for we bring you the best Oktoberfest Party Ideas to help you throw the best Bavaria-inspired bash ever!


Oktoberfest is a 16-to-18-day festival held annually in Munich, Germany from mid-September through the first Sunday in October. This folk festival is an important part of Bavarian culture, having been held since the year 1810, and it includes elements as characteristic as funfair games, amusement rides and, of course, a wide variety of traditional foods and beer! So, if you’re ready, let’s dive in and start planning your own Oktoberfest at home!

Sie sind herzlich eingeladen!

The best way to get everyone in the mood for an Oktoberfest party is by starting with the right invitations, and this festivity allows for pretty creative elements to be used. How about an invitation shaped as a classic Oktoberfest beer mug? And what about mini flags? Or maybe you could get some vintage German postcards and colour copy them, or even design and create your own! Make sure to add some simple phrases in German to make it even more authentic, such as “Sie sind herzlich eingeladen!”, meaning “You’re cordially invited!”, “Wilkommen!”, as in “Welcome”, or even “Ein Prosit!”, which means “Toast!”.



When it comes to start thinking about the design and decorations for the party, it is always a good thing to rely on the colours that are classically associated with Oktoberfest. White and light blue are the colours of the Bavarian flag, the state where Munich is and where the original festival is held, so this combination is the most obvious choice for a colour scheme for good reason. However, if you want another colour combo, you could also draw your inspiration from the German flag, for going with red, black and yellow gold is also a guaranteed success. Get banners, centrepieces, and decorations that go with the colours you choose, in order to truly transform your venue space into a true Oktoberfest party.


At the moment of organising your party venues can vary depending on factors as availability or the weather, but it’s important to keep in mind that tents are a very characteristic element of Oktoberfest, so it would be nice to have them incorporated into your party in some way.

Octoberfest-bunting-chandeliers-rustic furniture

It’s easy to add them to an outdoor party, but if your event happens to be indoors, you should also incorporate them to the venue. You don’t need actual tents for an indoor event, but tent-like structures and draping can do wonders and transform your space into the heart of Bavaria!

Another way to add a true Oktoberfest feel to your party is with funny props and photo ops that make the atmosphere immersive. You could get some travel to Germany posters from a local travel agency, as well as some German and Bavarian flags to decorate the space. Get creative with the way you deliver your menu and put up some stands with signs in German, like “Biergarten” for a beer garden, or “Brezelständer” for a pretzel stand. In this way, you can include German details while presenting your food and drinks in a fun way.


Photobooths are another great idea, as they can double as decoration and entertainment. Having fun standees for guests to take photos is always fantastic, and an Oktoberfest theme allows for lots of different options, such as a beer stein, or a life size print out of German attires for guests to pose and take photos. You can also give accessories as classic green alpine hats or bear beads, which also work as a marvellous memento for guests to take home.


An Oktoberfest party also requires Oktoberfest entertainment, and there’s not a better way to create an atmosphere than with the music you would hear at the real festival. Hiring a traditional live German band would be the perfect touch for your party, for they are guaranteed to lit up the crowd of guests with their performance, inviting them to join the singing and getting everybody in a marvellous mood. If you are not able to hire a live band, there’s no need for you to worry either, for creating a playlist with traditional German songs – including the classic and unavoidable “Ein Prosit” – and popular tunes will work fantastically as well. One of the most important things in this party is having the right attitude. Do some karaoke and get ready to sing at the top of your lungs next to your friends!


Which takes us to another aspect of the entertainment subject. Make sure to complement the ambiance you have created with the decorations and the music with some fun games and activities. Always have your crowd in mind, for knowing their interests and preferences can dictate which games will bring the most fun to them. We recommend options such as a yodelling contest, a beer barrel roll race, stein races, a beer tasting and, of course, a beer drinking contest!

Guten Appetit!

Now, once you have settled the details in terms of decoration, music and entertainment, it’s time to focus on what is undoubtedly one of the most important things in Oktoberfest: the food and drinks!Octoberfest

Obviously, the drink of choice in any Oktoberfest party is beer. Thankfully, nowadays is easy to find many options in the market in terms of beer. There are popular brands that produce German type beer, as well as local breweries with lots of options; they are mostly accessible and available for everybody. However, if your budget allows for it, you can always make the experience all the most authentic by importing true German beer from the Munich breweries that provide the official Oktoberfestbier that is served at the festival: Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten. It is certainly an extra expense, but if you have the possibility, this would be an absolute win for you and your guests.


It’s also important to note that, even when beer is the main attraction in an Oktoberfest party, it is a good idea to keep non-alcoholic options available for any guests that might not drink alcohol.


Finally, when it comes to food, there are lots of options that can make the menu for your Oktoberfest party. Pretzels and Sauerkraut are probably the most famous Oktoberfest delicacies, but there are many more things you can have at your party, such as sausages, like Bratwurst, Knackwurst and, Thüringer, German potato salad, red cabbage, roasted chicken and pork roast. You can also add sweet treats such as apple strudel, German chocolate cake and traditional local cookies!


Once you have everything checked on your list, it’s just time to sent out those invitations and get ready to throw the best Oktoberfest party your guests have ever been to!

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