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Looking for something immersive?

The Eventologists Team have created a really exciting new product range to help companies organise internal events this quarter

We have recently seen an increase in demand for theming for smaller and on-site events and share some examples from clients already seeing substantial benefits of changing spaces to engage and interact better with employees. Internal events are held in all sorts of shapes and sizes in boardrooms, canteens, at the desk, in open spaces, in awkward spaces!  With the emergence of immersive and experiential events, even internal events are looking at how to create more impact when communicating with internal departments and teams. Our customers positively talk about their experience in theming and dressing spaces and the change in employee engagement. They often recite recall, feel good factor, better interpretation of strategy and greater understanding of key messages.

From Warehouse work spaces and breakouts and boardrooms, we create options to transform the space to match themes, strategies and objectives of the meeting! With a great selection of products  from furniture for hire, funky furniture for hire, exciting entrance features, social media walls, installations such as charging tables and artificial trees!

If you have an internal meeting that you are planning and wish to energise it or want to do something different, please do call us and we will be happy to brainstorm ideas that may inspire!

We are currently offering a promotional offer on Internal events, to transform any internal working space, from open plan offices, meeting rooms, canteens and many more.