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Get Your Passport Ready: Here’s How to Travel the Globe in Just One Evening with our Around the World Themed Event!

Want to travel from the UK to Rome, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Beijing and New Delhi all in one night? Well you’re in luck! Get ready to jet around the world as Eventologists take you on the ultimate adventure with our Around the World Themed Event.

Start your journey in La Bella Italia in the majestic city of Rome. Picture a drinks reception and grand entrance decorated with tempting Italian food stalls, magnificent large fountains and a fascinating Living Wall. Grab a slice of Italians best cuisine from its famous pizzerias as you enjoy your drink and are thoroughly entertained by some mesmerising Italian Living Statues.

Continue your journey as you enter the fun and excitement of Las Vegas. Make your way through a casino style entrance decorated with a large Light-Up Tunnel, Giant Dice and a shiny ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. Take your bets at the casino as you are spellbound by our Vegas acts, but remember…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Take flight again as you fly over to the Orient, starting in Beijing and making your way through to Tokyo. Enter a beautiful room of tall, life-sized trees decorated with Chinese Lanterns and Pink Cherry Blossom. Greet your guests with our gorgeous Japanese and Chinese inspired stage backdrop and oriental décor that is dotted around this incredible room.

After walking through the Orient, chill out at the British seaside with beachfront props, British food huts and deck chairs to make you feel like you are back on your childhood holidays!

Finally, bring in the magic of New York and the fun of New Delhi with themed Table Centres such as Large Lanterns, Jug Centrepieces and ‘I Love New York’ blocks. If you have ever dreamed of visiting a country, Eventologists can bring a taste of that country to your next event, but why limit yourself to just one? This Around the World Event allows your guests to experience the beauty of a magnitude of countries from the comfort of your own event! Get ready for an event you will never forget. Bon Voyage!

Around the World Event Theme Props and Décor include:

  • Colourful Draping Hire
  • Large Dice Prop Hire
  • Life-sized Trees Hire
  • Las Vegas Entrance Hire
  • British Food Hut Hire

Entertainment may include:

  • Green Screen Photobooth Hire
  • Magicians
  • Bollywood Performers
  • Black Eagles African Dancers
  • Brazilian Limbo Act
  • Carnival Dancers
  • Look Alike Characters

Speak to one of our Event Stylists to find out how you can bring our Around the World Event Theme to your next Event.