Mirror Ball Tripod Table Centre

The Mirror Ball Tripod Table Centre is a fantastic choice to set the stage for a lively and vibrant disco-themed event.

This centrepiece features a classic mirror ball design perched on a stylish tripod stand, adding a touch of retro glamour to your decor.

Whether you’re hosting a disco-themed party, corporate event, or any occasion in the UK, this table centre captures the spirit of disco. The mirror ball reflects and scatters light in all directions, creating a dazzling and energetic atmosphere. It’s a perfect choice to recreate the disco era and get your guests grooving to the music, making your event a dance-filled sensation!

Glitz Crystal Ball Table Centre

If you’re planning a gala, awards ceremony, or a corporate event in the UK, the Glitz Crystal Ball Table Centre can be a perfect addition to create an elegant and captivating atmosphere. This stunning centrepiece is designed to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your event décor.

The Glitz Crystal Ball Table Centre is all about making a statement. Its sparkling crystal design exudes elegance and glamour, creating a visually stunning focal point at your event. It’s perfect for setting the tone of sophistication and luxury.

When strategically lit, these crystal ball centrepieces create a captivating play of light and shadows, adding to the overall ambience of your event. It can be adjusted to suit the mood and theme of your occasion.

The Glitz Crystal Ball Table Centre is the ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance and luxury to your gala, awards ceremony, or corporate event in the UK. Its versatility, customisation options and ability to create a captivating atmosphere make it a standout choice for event planners and organisers looking to make a lasting impression on their guests.

Tall Crystal Ball Table Centre

Transform your UK event into a captivating and elegant affair with our Tall Crystal Ball Centrepieces. Make a bold statement with these unique table centrepiechmes, perfect for galas and awards and corporate events.

Our centrepieces are fully customisable to suit your event’s theme and colour palette. Our Tall Crystal Ball Centrepieces add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your event.

Discover the elegance of Tall Crystal Ball Centrepieces for your UK event. Contact us today to discuss your vision and let our event management company turn it into a reality that leaves your guests impressed.

Light Up Orchid Table Centre

Illuminate your event with our captivating Light Up Orchid Table Centre. This centrepiece adds a touch of exotic beauty to your gatherings, whether it’s a corporate event, a special celebration, or any occasion where you want to create a visually striking focal point.

The Light Up Orchid Table Centre features lifelike orchid blooms adorned with LED lights that cast a soft, enchanting glow. This combination of botanical elegance and gentle illumination adds an element of magic to your table, creating a captivating display.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate gala, a special party, or any event, this centrepiece sets the stage for a memorable and visually stunning atmosphere. It effortlessly complements various event themes and colour schemes, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

With the Light Up Orchid Table Centre, your event becomes an immersive experience of light and floral beauty. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a statement piece that adds a touch of wonder and sophistication to your celebration. Illuminate your ambiance, create a captivating atmosphere, and make your event truly unforgettable with this dazzling centrepiece.

Light up Spectrum LED Table Centre

Illuminate your event with our stunning Light Up Spectrum LED Table Centre. This centrepiece is designed to captivate and mesmerise, making it the perfect addition to a wide range of gatherings, from galas /awards to corporate events and everything in between.

The Light Up Spectrum Table Centre features a breath-taking display of colour-changing LED lights that create a dynamic and visually captivating centrepiece. These lights can be programmed to transition through a spectrum of colours, creating an ever-changing and enchanting ambiance that adds a touch of magic to your event.

With the Light Up Spectrum Table Centre, your event becomes an immersive experience of light and colour. It’s not just a decoration; it’s a statement piece that adds a touch of wonder and sophistication to your celebration. Illuminate your ambiance, create a dynamic atmosphere, and make your event truly unforgettable with this dazzling centrepiece.

Silver Glitter Tree Table Centre

Elevate your event with the enchanting allure of our Silver Glitter Tree Table Centre! As a top-tier event management company in the UK, we specialise in crafting memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our Silver Glitter Tree Table Centre is the epitome of sophistication, featuring shimmering silver branches that infuse your event with elegance and charm. Ideal for galas, winter wonderland parties and corporate events, our premium decor will take your event to the next level.

Spider Tree Table Centre

Introducing our Spider Tree Table Centre, a breath taking centrepiece that effortlessly combines modern glamour with timeless elegance. This exquisite centrepiece serves as the focal point of any event! The Spider Tree Table Centre stands tall and proud.


Make a statement at your next corporate event or gala evening.

Winter Wonderland Theme Light Up Frosted Acrylic Table Centre

Step into a enchanting winter wonderland with our Winter Wonderland Theme Light Up Frosted Acrylic Table Centre. This captivating centrepiece is designed to transport you to a world of frosty enchantment, making it perfect for winter-themed events, holiday parties, or any occasion where you want to infuse your space with a touch of seasonal magic.

The centrepiece features frosted acrylic that beautifully captures the essence of glistening snow and ice. Embedded LED lights create a soft, ethereal glow, casting a warm and inviting ambiance that evokes the cozy charm of a winter evening. As the lights dance within the frosted acrylic, they create an enchanting play of shadows and light that captivates all who behold it.

Whether it’s a festive display, corporate Christmas party or winter gala, the Winter Wonderland Light Up Frosted Acrylic Table Centre adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to your décor. It’s a true embodiment of the holiday spirit, making any gathering a memorable and magical experience.

Twinkle Twigs Winter Table Centres

Elevate your winter gala or awards dinner with our enchanting Twinkle Twigs Winter Table Centres. These stunning decor pieces bring a touch of seasonal magic to your corporate event, creating a captivating atmosphere. With delicate twinkle twigs adorned with LED lights, they provide a warm, Christmassy glow, making them perfect for the winter season.

Customisable to match your event’s theme and color scheme, these centrepieces seamlessly blend with your corporate branding while infusing festive cheer. They serve as eye-catching focal points, encouraging guest interaction and complementing other seasonal decor elements like table linens and floral arrangements.

Enhance your guest experience and leave a lasting impression with these elegant and magical winter table centrepieces.

Tall Disco Mirror Ball Table Centres

This Light Up Tall Disco Mirror Ball Table Centre is a perfect centrepiece if you are looking for a stylish contemporary piece for your event, after a conference or for a gala dinner.

Great as a Disco or Glam Table Centre or Classic Table Centre, the Light up Mirror Ball centrepiece can be lit in any colour and can be branded on the base with your bespoke artwork.

Combine with black or white chair covers and funky chill out furniture to complete the look!

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  • We have worked with Eventologists for the a couple of years now and can't fault them from start to finish the whole process is very seamless and the stuff they do is incredible! We have themed evenings and they always come up with some fab ideas that help to emphasise the theme and bring it to life. Our events have conference sessions in the venue during the day and we transform them for our awards in the evening and Eventologists always completely transform the space for the evening so that it feels like you're in a completely different space which makes it all feel so much more special and a real celebration and by the time morning arrives its all completely cleared as if by magic!

    PPMA Admin Avatar PPMA Admin
    May 19, 2022
  • Great props, prompt delivery, awesome team. Would use again.

    Richard Buxton Avatar Richard Buxton
    May 19, 2022
  • A wonderful team who made our event space look incredible. Jacob took our ideas and brought them to life. We've had amazing feedback about the event design, so we couldn't be happier. Everyone really loved the living wall and trees!

    Olivia Rocky Avatar Olivia Rocky
    April 19, 2022
  • Rita has been an absolute pleasure to work with; she listened to our ideas and vision and then totally ran with it and created something better than we could have ever imagined! On the event day, Rita and her team swooped in and decorated our venue in record time. Rita and the team were professional and efficient. We look forward to working with Eventologists again next year!

    Neighbourly Brands Avatar Neighbourly Brands
    March 19, 2022
  • Eventologists are a pleasure to work with. The whole experience from start to finish isn't nothing short of perfection. The team are super professional and Jen makes working with them a breeze. Nothing is too much and she is always so responsive. Can't wait to work with them again :)

    Andrew Chalk Avatar Andrew Chalk
    March 19, 2022
  • Eventologists have been a dream to work with. No fuss, straightforward communications and pricing. Delivery and collection on the day was simple and efficient. Professional and friendly at every turn - thanks for your part in making our event a great success!

    Emma Bird Avatar Emma Bird
    February 19, 2022
  • We’ve used the services of Eventologists on numerous occasions and their expertise is priceless. Great service as always from Rita and her team who are always full of ideas and ways to make your event stand out. We’ve hired sets for Moulin Rouge, Great Gatsby, Hollywood and Glitz and Glam plus they created a wonderful set for a festival including tress with festoon and flags. Highly recommended and great to work with.

    MrandMrsGrey Avatar MrandMrsGrey
    July 19, 2021
  • Wonderful team, from the event manager to the decorators! The choices of set ups and themes are really original as well as well made. Each event is done with lots of passion , always keeping the client best interest at heart. Great value for money, and they always go the extra mile!

    Astrid Guillabeau Avatar Astrid Guillabeau
    July 19, 2020