Get your Glam on at a Hollywood Themed Event!

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Get your Glam on at a Hollywood Themed Event!

Welcome to Hollywood – where dreams are made into reality! A Hollywood Themed Party is the ultimate way of making your guests feel like stars for a night.

You guests will make a grand Hollywood-style entrance as they walk onto the Red Carpet, where the Paparazzi are ready and waiting to snap their pictures.

As your guests take their seats at dinner, they’ll be amazed by all the Hollywood figures and props around the room. With Hollywood Silhouette Light Up Boxes, Film Posters and Large Film Cameras, the dazzle and glam of Hollywood can be brought to life at your chosen venue.

Your guests can be entertained during dinner with a Pianist or Violinist to create the Hollywood atmosphere, with tables designed accordingly. Choose from 80’s or 90’s Hollywood Character Table Centres, Oscars’ Table Centres or Tall Disco Ball Table centres – anything is possible.

When dinner is finished, the DJ will start to set the scene with some Hollywood Classics, and the Broadway Dancers will arrive on stage. With a Starlit Dance Floor your guests can dance the night away in style.

Your Hollywood Props and Décor may include:

Your Hollywood Entertainment may include:

Speak to one of our Event Stylists to help you plan your next starlit, glamorous Hollywood themed event.

The Psychology of Colour in Events

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The Psychology of Colour in Events

Eventologists’ stylists are often asked the question about what colour to use for an event. Whilst colour is about preference or may represent a brand, we believe there is a lot more meaning to colour than being pleasing to the eye. What’s the thinking behind colour? What feelings do changes in colour evoke?  What dynamic colours should be used at events to make those senses open? As an event planner, we don’t just need to understand what colour is on trend, but also the psychology behind the use of different colours. What’s equally important is what colours not to use at different events or to what extent colours should be used.

Different colours can dramatically affect moods and emotions as well as affect that initial impact when we see a room in a colour.  As an event theming company, we are very aware of colour psychology and work with our clients on ensuring the correct mix of colours are selected.

Generally, people will choose their favourite colours for their private party; but, when it comes to corporate event, event managers often don’t have a colour theme in mind if they don’t want to follow the brand colours. This is where we can advise!

The Meaning behind Various Colours

White: signifies pure, clean, innocent in the West; mourning in the East. White creates a sense of space so works well in dark and small rooms. White can also represent new starts, giving a fresh new idea. White is a great colour for its simplicity, cleanliness and idea creation; White is therefore often used in the summer works well as it helps to create a cool and contemporary atmosphere and used for new launches! However, using too much white can mean isolation, loneliness and emptiness.

Black: signifies glamour, sophistication, power, elegance. seriousness, control and independence. However, in sharp contrast it can also mean death, darkness and frightening. For that reason, it’s a great colour for black tie gala dinners as well as a colour for Halloween or haunted themed events.

Red: represents heat, passion, intensity, it’s a racy colour which creates strongest emotions such as love, lust, anger, evil – some of the most extreme emotions are represented by red which can make the heart beat that much faster! It is not surprising that red is a popular colour for lighting and theming for a variety of exciting themes such as moulin rouge, burlesque, Vegas themed events, Fire and Ice themed events or even masquerade themes!

Yellow: is a happy, optimistic, warm, zingy colour that draws attention to the eye which is why it’s a great day-time event colour. But when used in excess yellow can also be too overpowering and stir up emotions of annoyance and frustration. This is why many people team yellow with whites and blacks or multi-colours to become an accent colour rather than the dominant colour.

Pink: Pink is a softer version of red that creates a sense of compassion, hope and unconditional love. It’s a colour that soothes and represents care, understanding and nurturing. It’s often linked with romance as it shows empathy and sensitivity. Excessive pink at corporate events can mean reduced power and or even immaturity. For that reason, pink is often used as an accent colour with other colours at corporate events.

Green: always has many positive connections with nature, earthliness, growth, health, tranquillity. It’s a powerful colour as it creates a calming

atmosphere, feels fresh so its colour that relieves stress and helps heal. It’s often used for chill-out spaces and networking events to create an ambience of relaxation.

Orange: is connected with motivation, vibrancy, energy, excitement; as such it creates a positive attitude and enthusiasm for life. As such orange is great colour for bringing comfort in turbulent times and creating a sense of fun or freedom for your guests; for the very fact that it is an attention-drawing colour, it is often used at charity events or launches.

Purple: Purple is most commonly known for its imagination and spirituality, royalty, wisdom, wealth. People see purple as colour linked with luxury, extravagance, courage, mystery and magic. However, avoid using it too often as it can also cause distraction. Purple is often used lighting for events especially chill out areas and bars for its very powerful emotions that it stirs up!

Blue: is known for its trust, peace, loyalty and dependability. It’s reliable, responsible and mentally soothing as it lowers pulse rate and body temperature and creates productivity. It’s one of the best-liked colours, especially by males. It’s a perfect colour to use for corporate functions however it can be perceived as distant, cold or unfriendly if used in excessively. Often it is purposefully used to create ice themed events, underwater themed events or sometimes used to create an eerie atmosphere.

We hope this guide provides a guide for your next corporate event. Whilst colours have positive and negative meanings, we always say to clients to be daring with colour which will set apart and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Eventologists transform The Brewery, London

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Eventologists transform The Brewery, London

Eventologists have been busy delivering new concepts and ideas in July and would like to share a stunning new theme that we’ve launched called Blue Sky thinking. This concept comes from inspiration that all conferences and companies are constantly searching for. Developing new ideas and looking at innovation is always on the agenda at conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, Gala Dinners, Awards evenings, or charity fundraising events, which is why we’re constantly thinking out the box and developing new ways of thinking.

We thought we would be even more literal and deliver a landscape that brings you Blue Sky Thinking. We’ve designed & produced giant clouds that suspend from the ceiling in a spectrum of colour changing lights setting the mood within the room. To create the horizon, we’ve made giant vintage light bulb chandeliers representing those light bulb moments. Hurricane statement centrepieces take centre stage on the tables depicting a melange of ideas and thoughts – a whirl wind of ideas.

When this theme is in the context of a Gala Dinner, bespoke light up cloud themed table centres finish the setting beautifully elegantly. Our Blue sky thinking theme is versatile and can be used at exhibitions, networking events, conferences and parties – dress up or dress down. It’s the party piece that will get your audience talking & create that wow factor.

New products available – creating venue styling solutions:

We worked to create this in the most spectacular surroundings of the Brewery and we couldn’t think of a more exciting venue to launch our new theme – tell us what you think! Are you looking for exciting concepts for your conference or event? – call one of our stylists on 08000293101 to give you the inspirations – Banish the bland! Dare to be different with Eventologists!

Inspiration for Summer Themed Events

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Inspiration for Summer Themed Events

Are you looking for ideas for your themed summer party? We have chosen our most popular 4 Summertime Themes to share with you. Feel Inspired!

If you would like to host a themed event that transports you to into a world of fantasy with magic in the air, we would suggest an Enchanted Woodland Theme for your themed party. If you’re a more daring individual who is looking for a summer theme bursting with colour and packed with energy look no further than a Carnival Theme for your themed event. Or if you enjoy the fresh air and are more of a festival goer explore our Festival Theme includes palette furniture for hire, and festival themed props. Maybe your looking to host a British themed celebration, sitting back and relaxing amongst pink cherry blossom trees for hire whilst drinking Pimm’s and Lemonade. Explore our 4 Summer Themes we have carefully chosen for you for ideas and inspiration!

Our Enchanted Woodland theme is extremely popular all throughout the year as we recreate your very own fantasy forest, with real fairies and pixies if you wish, for every season. We can open your mind and take your imagination on a trip into the fantasy world of an enchanted forest theme. Enchanted Forest themed events can easily incorporate a spring themed event with life size blossom trees and stunning blossom table centres for a lighter more summery feel. Add darker more rustic props for an Enchanted woodland themed event. Move to a winter wonderland themed event full of white and snowy trees and ice themed props.

Create a stunning and memorable first impression by wowing your guests as they walk through a green forest entrance into a magical woodland drinks reception. Our enchanted woodland themed décor will transform the space provided into a fantasy forest of surprises and delights.

At dinner, your guests are welcomed by real forest fairies who hang off our petal arch and interact by scattering petals on guests as they enter another secret garden themed room. The room is filled with luscious flora and fauna including enchanted life size trees and enchanted forest table centres, tree table centrepieces, rustic log seating, flowers and birdcages all enhanced by stunning woodland scenery.

This is a beautiful theme for day or evening, suitable for both indoor and outdoor. A perfect theme suggestion for a midsummer night’s dream black tie party. What a wondrous versatile theme that will always create a magical memory in your guests minds lasting forever!

Are you ready for a fun filled, energy packed, and the most vibrant of all parties? A Rio Carnival themed party is a perfect way to kick off the summer! If you’re looking to make a bold statement and are a lively, daring individual, a Carnival themed event would be recommended. It takes courage and fearlessness to create a Carnival theme that bursts with colour, is infectious with dancing, and full of fun street party celebrations and parades. Decorate your drinks reception with multi–coloured wall and ceiling drapes consistent with the main room, creating a wow factor for you and your guests to enjoy and with the brightness of a Brazilian theme. Alternate vibrant and bold coloured feathered table centres in all sizes around the lounge area and event room creating depth, and for your carnival theme to flow throughout the whole space. Style your tables and chairs with contrasting colours to the table centerpieces, making your table centres stand out and become a focal point within the room without the expenditure of a feature. Celebrate carnival style and get your guests dancing with Rio Carnival themed entertainers from carnival show girls to meet and greet, to carnival themed stilt walkers, to exotic feathered Samba and Salsa dancers, and live carnival bands and drummers.

Are you an organisation planning for the conference season or would like to plan your spring and summer event? Outdoor themed events, summer fetes, festival themed events, garden themed events, enchanted woodland, fantasy forest – the themes get brighter and bolder!

A festival theme is a popular choice throughout the year especially from April to September – its bursting with energy and excitement. When the sun finally comes out, it triggers some extravagant conference theming ideas and conference concepts that go above and beyond the usual light up table centre pieces and glamorous gala dinners. It also heralds the start of fun filled times and exhilarating themes influenced by the festival season. Innovative, experiential and truly immersive are the only words to describe our corporate event themes.

As people grab their wellies and put up their tents across the country for weekends full of fun in the sun, the Eventologists creative teams invent festival themes indoor. We bring colour, vibrancy, and fun from the best festivals in the country. Whether you would like us to create a Glastonbury themed event, an exit festival themed event, or a carnival themed event, there is no need to traipse through the mud, battle the crowds, worry about personal hygiene, or queue for the loo! Enjoy the festival vibe in the comfort of your venue with no worries or stress involved. For a corporate event celebrate with a mini-fest where you experience all the good and none of the bad!

You can’t go wrong with an outdoor themed event in Spring and Summer. It is an ideal theme for all corporate functions creating a casual, immersive, and inclusive atmosphere. Plus, it’s so much fun! Take a look and explore some of our exciting images from a recent festival themed event!

The Royal Jubilee & The Olympics 2012 have put the Great British theme to the forefront of all events and it’s still going strong! If you are planning a Royal Themed Event then a Great British theme would be more than suitable for your celebration. A Great British themed celebration is also appropriate for events such as a Gala Jubilee Dinner, a Street Party or even an outdoor event. We’ve even planned events with a London Underground and Monopoly theme. Any excuse for a Great British theme and we will be there!  Bring out the best china and start hanging the bunting! We will arrive with all things red, white, and blue.

We’ve seen it all from fancy tea parties, British Bull dogs, traditional style telephone boxes to red pillar post boxes. We build bespoke props tailored for your event in mind and are always open to new ideas. Are you looking to make your event even more British? Whether you require Union Jack themed bunting, flags, table centres featuring Great British icons to English flowers, or even room décor, we have it all! Complete your Great British themed party with red, white, and blue chair covers and sashes that stand out amongst a Great British style backdrop.

It wouldn’t be a British celebration without entertainment. Choose from cockney entertainment, a marching band, stilt walkers, artists, even the Queen’s Guards all the way through to Victorian characters. Give your guests an evening of laughter and fun partying Great British style. If that’s not enough to keep your guest’s attention interact even further with both indoor and outdoor fair attractions.

So, keep those Union Jack’s flying and let’s keep the ‘Great’ in events!  All together now “Land of hope & glory…”

If you would like further assistance when planning your Summer Themed Event please feel free to contact our innovation team on: 0800 0293101 or chat to us now!

We are passionate when creating bespoke events that are tailored for you. If you require a personal touch or would like to market your brand we are able to design and build unique products in house. Please contact us for more information.

Let's create amazing events Contact us

I wished to get in touch to say thank you for providing the centrepieces for the Gloucestershire Live Business Awards and working with us within our budget at such short notice. I also wanted to let you know that your staff was a pleasure to work with. Very friendly, professional and had the room setup with plenty of time to spare before guests arrived. Please pass on my thanks.

Louise Symonds, Regional Events Manager

I just wanted to drop a note to formally thank you for pulling out all of the stops for our Christmas Social – the Peaky Blinders theme went down a storm and it looked UNREAL! The decor, props, bespoke items and attention to detail really made the event last night. As ever, you and the team were complete professionals and a dream to work with. Huge thanks and appreciation, I look forward to the next event already!

Clair Stevens, Communications Manager

The room looked fab and we received some great comments. It was great to work with you again and it makes things run smoothly when we can rely on you and your team to get the job done. Gives peace of mind.

Sharon Bone, Events Manager

WOW, went to an event done by these guys and I was blown away. They transformed a banquet hall into something out of a fairytale. The staff are very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Amish Thakrar, Marketing Manager

Thank you to you and your team for all your help and support with the table theming for our UK 60-Year Anniversary celebration last night. Right from the very beginning, everything was so very professional and easy. The tables, gifts and award were absolutely fabulous and really added to the whole ambience of the evening, and I have had many wonderful comments about them from our visitors.

Lesley Young, Marketing Communications Manager