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13 Classic Yet Unique Ideas for a Winter Party

Create a magical Christmas with Eventologists’ unique ideas for a winter party! When you are planning to host a party in the middle of the winter, there is a plethora of ideas for you to take inspiration and create a stunning atmosphere in any venue where you happen to be. After all, ‘tis the season to give and celebrate and be bold, so why not do it in the best fashion? Let’s not lose any time and slide headfirst into our list of lovely Classic Ideas and Props for a Winter Event so you can find all your favourite ones!


  1. A Magnificent Winter Wonderland Entrance

If you want to make a great impression, you might as well make it big ever since the moment your guests are about to set foot in the venue. Having a grand entrance is a fantastic way to let guests get in the wintery mood and also a great way to give a sneak peek of what’s in store for the evening. There are lots of different ways to set your magnificent entrance: a snow cave tunnel, a white wintery foliage entryway, the gates of an ice palace, an arrangement of fairy white and blue lights… all the possibilities are out there for you!


  1. Winter Greenery and Foliage

While floral arrangements and greenery are usually more associated with the spring and summer seasons, there is a special kind of charm when it comes to winter season foliage. Snowy branches, pinecones, Christmas trees and frozen flowers bring a particular, dashing enchantment with them that is impossible to replicate at any other time of the year. The crisp white and silvery tones make for a look that can be equally elegant and luxurious as it can be magical, being the perfect touch of decoration to add to a both a classy or a whimsical winter event. These elements are truly versatile, as they can work as a grand entrance, as venue decoration and props, as well as they can be the pivotal piece in a ton of marvellous centrepieces. Even if you are not totally sold on the winter foliage, you can always take inspiration from the colour scheme and get traditional floral arrangements in winter tones, making a smart fusion of both winter tropes and classic decorations!


  1. A Blanket of Snow

Grab your sleigh, take the classic route and go fully snowy at your party! Winter and snow go hand in hand, so why not take advantage of it and make your event a snowy paradise? You can make your venue look like it got caught in the middle of a gorgeous snow day, adding different elements such as snowed trees, fake snow covering the décor, the tables, the floor, and draping the room in a sheet of frost white. You can also add beautiful snowflakes everywhere, to big ones hanging from the ceiling to create a magical atmosphere, to little ones to show table numbers or any other pieces on information you want to showcase, just let it snow all over the place!


  1. An Icy Kingdom

Freeze your venue and turn it into an ice palace, giving it a sharp, whimsical look. Even though snow and ice could go hand in hand, the former tends to be associated with a cosy mood, while the latter has a more mysterious edge to it, allowing for regal, superbly elegant looks. Bringing this element to your venue would be a magnificent way of giving winter a royal, stunning look, whether it be with actual ice, in the shape of sculptures and centrepieces, or with decorations made from materials that guard a close resemblance to it, like hanging stalactites, fountains, or chandeliers! The right lighting can be your best ally when it comes to transforming your venue into a fantasy of ice, for it can make it all shine in the right way. Also, if you want to be truly daring and innovative, you can add a unique touch to your party and make it an Ice and Fire theme! This style goes into fantasy territory instead of classic winter, but it sure will be a hit with those that love to step out of the ordinary!


  1. Fairy Lights Everywhere

Fairy lights are synonyms with Christmas, and they can definitely help set the scene for a wintertime event, as they can make a room look as cosy as they can make it look magical, which are two undeniable characteristics of the season. They are truly versatile and easy to incorporate into any setting in many different ways, such as in a traditional way of decorating trees, dangling from the ceiling, or even as full curtains helping create different ambiances in the room.


  1. A Christmas Story

Or you could go full Christmas and transform the place into a holiday fantasy, with Christmas lights and Christmas decorations filling up the room! Corporate and formal events don’t usually follow this route, so this would be a great way to surprise your attendees by making Christmas day arrive early. You can start by picking a classic red, green and white colour palette, and from there you can get creative with how much of the festive spirit you want to incorporate into your party. Christmas trees, fairy lights, candy canes, snowmen, garlands and bows, bells, candles, snow globes, holly and mistletoe, they are all there for you to choose your favourite ones! Be extra fun and make your menu a collection of holiday classics, and you are guaranteed to give a party for the ages!


  1. Black Tie Party

Parties in the winter season are known to be perfect for glamour and elegance, for everybody loves to don their best gala outfits on the occasion of a holiday event, so, this might be the right time to design that glitzy event you’ve been dreaming about. Make it a classic, glamourous, black tie occasion in the middle of the winter. Add dazzling seasonal details that make the party stand out from a regular one, like subtle touches of fake snow, ice sculptures, and hints of silver everywhere to make the atmosphere chilling in the best, most elegant way!


  1. Hollywood Holiday

Or, instead of a classic black-tie party, you could give the concept a twist and turn it into a Hollywood wintertime fantasy! Turn the glamour up and add classic, old-time Hollywood details to your event. Bring out inspiration from classic movies that take place during the wintertime and holiday season, like Love Actually, Home Alone or Die Hard, and add hints from them to your décor and concept. Mixed up with classic Hollywood and holiday elements, it is guaranteed that you will have an unforgettable event for the ages!


  1. Themed Winter Fantasy

If you feel that small nods to pop culture are not enough, you can always go full themed on your event! There are countless winter and Christmas movies and books to base your event in, and this is a perfect way to completely immerse your guests in a fantasy world! You can go the whimsical way and transform your venue into Whoville to have a Grinch party, or follow the fantasy, magnificent route that leads to Narnia, creating a stunning and magical atmosphere! The possibilities are endless, you just need to choose your favourite world and any venue can be transformed into a magnificent new world!

  1. Journey to Narnia

The classic tale of C.S. Lewis is a timeless favourite when it comes to themed winter and holiday parties, and for good reason! You can transform your venue into the enchanted world of Narnia and take your guests there for a whimsical and splendid time, surrounded by forests, knights, magical creatures and friends, and the spirit of the holidays. A truly immersive theme, a Narnia theme is sure to be loved by everybody.


  1. Party in a Snow Globe

To keep things cosy and picture-perfect, you can throw a party inside a snow globe! Well, not really, but you can make your venue space look exactly like one, with the help of draping, lighting and props! What could be more immersive and awe-inspiring than gathering in an atmosphere that feels as lovely as snow globes look? This truly unique setting will give you tons of fantastic photo ops for your attendees to enjoy, and maybe you could even have fake snow fall at random, to make the experience all the most magical and unforgettable!


  1. Cosy Little Christmas

If you want a theme that diverts from the usual glamourous and glitzy atmosphere that reigns in holiday corporate party scene, you might want to take things in a completely opposite direction and go for a Cosy Christmas feeling! Instead of adding layers of glitter and shiny things, go for a cosy and warm mood. Yule logs, bonfires, windows covered in snow, classic colours and garlands in knitted fashion and flannels, hot drinks and roasted chestnuts, all of those things can make a perfectly cosy ambiance, making guests feel at home. Undoubtedly, a creative and original twist for a holiday party.


  1. Après Ski Celebration

On the other hand, if you are looking for an option that does not rely on the conventional holiday style, an Après Ski themed party could be the ideal choice for you, for it blends fantastically with the winter season, without being Christmas related. Transform your venue into a glamourous yet cosy ski lodge, set a dressing code for your invitees, and everybody will be transported to a truly fun and immersive atmosphere!

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