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Do you want to raise the bar?

Whether you want a cool refreshing beer, a gorgeously cheeky cocktail or a simple yet
sophisticated glass of red, where do you go to get it? The bar of course! Bars not only
complete a theme, but they have that power to add the special vavavoom to your event and
keep the drinks flowing. Our Mobile Bar Hire works really well to create that swanky bar to
serve your drinks from and adds that finishing touch to your event.

Since it’s scientifically proven that sight influences our perception of taste, our ability to
create stunning bespoke bars will be sure to keep not just you and your guest’s eyes happy,
but your taste buds too. Coming in all shapes and sizes, we’ll ensure that your drinks will be
served from the best-looking bar possible, tailored specially for your event and theme.
We review the 10 most popular bar ideas for 2020 events:

1. Tiki Bar Hire
Say ‘Aloha’ to this fun installation of a tiki bar or bamboo bar, perfect for a summer themed
or tropical themed party. Dress it with colourful lanterns or flower garlands to complete the
exotic vibes, sip on yummy cocktails and escape to your perfect paradise.

2. Rustic Bar Hire
With its no-frills yet sophisticated style, a rustic bar may be your preference. How you
decide to adorn it depends on the theme you want to go for – no coasters or napkins, that
welcomes whiskey spills and tarnishes, calls out to Old West saloon vibes perfect for a Wild
West Theme. Or, stock your rustic bar with blushing rosé and florals for a Mediterranean
themed event.

3. LED or Light Up Bar Hire
Perhaps you are looking for a light up bar for a neon themed event or an ice themed event.
Our cool LED bar works with any theme but is especially popular for a winter theme. Match
the colour of your LED lights to suit your colour scheme and theme, such as a cool blue for a
wintery ambience or funky multicolours for a fun, festival vibe.

4. Silver Mirror Bar Hire
For a stylish addition to any event, why not consider a stunning Silver Mirror Bar? These are
ideal for events either during the day or at night, since they reflect both natural and artificial
lights splendidly. A silver mirror bar reflecting cool blue lights would create a wonderful, icy
atmosphere for a winter themed event or add the dazzling finishing touch to a classy black
and white themed event.

5. Gold Mirror Bar Hire

Go for gold with our Gold Mirror Bar, perfect for a Hollywood theme, Burlesque theme, or
any other theme that is all about glitz, glamour and elegance. This statement piece will be
sure to capture your guest’s attention and leave a lasting impression, not to mention add that
extra touch of luxury that will be ensure your event will be a winner.

6. Living Wall Bar Hire
Add the enchantment to your enchanted woodland theme by hiring a Living Wall Bar at your
event, ideal for adding another dynamic that will not only create a visual impact but also a
healthy atmosphere. With our Living Wall Bars, you’ll be able to bring the outdoors indoors
no matter the weather or season.

7. Pallet Bar Hire
Perhaps you’re looking for a Pallet Bar for a festival themed event or a summer themed
event. Our Pallet Bars are excellent for bringing a crafty touch to any theme and adding a
sense of the outdoors indoors. Complete the look with our pallet seating and be all ready to
camp out with your drinks and enjoy the festival spirit.

8. Chesterfield Bar Hire
Our Chesterfield Bar will provide a stunning and luxurious addition to your event with its
quilted leather panels, smooth countertop and high-quality finish. Our Chesterfield Bars will
look great with any theme but would especially add the right touch to all themes that require
luxury and glamour.

9. Branded Bar Hire
If you require something a bit more personal, our Branded Bars are perfect for adding that
practical touch to your event. Sleek and simple to support whatever aims for your event,
Branded Bars are ideal for product launches, brand activation and campaign imagery.

10. Themed Bar Hire
For themes that are out of this world original and require specific tailoring, our bespoke
themed bars are custom-made specially to match your theme. Create the perfect bar to match
your Harry Potter themed event, Alice in Wonderland themed event, 80’s style or something
completely different. Whatever the theme, you can be sure that our Themed Bar will be
exciting and unique.

To find out more, please speak to one of our Event Experts today.