To all our customers and followers

We wanted to let you know of some of the measures we have taken in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and to assure you of our commitment to continue supporting our clients during this difficult time and as the country starts to recover from this crisis. The health, wellbeing and safety of our customers, our staff and other suppliers we work with is of paramount importance and we will continue to follow the latest guidance to ensure we maximise our efforts in containing the spread in any environment we work in.

Business Continuity Plan
The Events and Hospitality Industry has been exceptionally hard hit by the Covid-19 outbreak and the impact of cancellations of events and gatherings has been immense but health and safety remains our priority and we are following national guidance in a responsible manner and have implemented our Business Continuity Plan in the following way.

Some of the measures we have taken

  • Issued NHS guidance to all our staff members on following basic hygiene measures.
  • Increased and intensified cleaning procedures around workspaces and offices.
  • Supporting staff  feel unwell.
  • Implementation of remote working for all staff.
  • Non-essential business travel suspension.
  • Cancellation of non-essential face-to-face meetings and presentations until further notice.

Our commitment to clients

We live in unprecedented circumstances and we are committed to continuing to support our clients and we are confident that the measures we have taken to mitigate the risk (as much as possible) will be effective. We are confident there will be no change to the service levels we are currently offering. Customers who have booked or looking to book our services can be confident that we will honour any bookings at an agreed later date that have to be postponed due to Covid-19. However, we also recognise the uncertainty many businesses are facing and would like to reassure you of our commitment to your business and are already in discussions with many customers about recovery and continuity once the severity of this crisis reduces.

Thank you