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Big News: Eventologists Teams Up with ICC Birmingham & Vox!

We, Eventologists, are excited to announce that we are listed as Suppliers for The ICC Birmingham and Vox Conference Venue, specifically in the Theming and Decoration section.

Our Creative Touch

You might know us for transforming venues. Whether it be a glamorous Hollywood evening, a lively circus theme, or a sleek conference setup, we were the ones behind the curtain. We love turning an ordinary space into something extraordinary!

Eventologists Award Dinner Decor At Icc Birmimngham

Part of Your Team

What really sets us apart is how we dive into every project. Once you decide to work with us, we’re all in. We take your vision to heart, becoming an extension of your team to ensure your event is not just successful, but also uniquely yours. No matter the size or theme, we’re here to bring your ideas to life, treating every event with the personal attention it deserves.

Transforming Spaces, Creating Experiences

Being included in the Suppliers Directory for ICC Birmingham and Vox is a big deal for us. It means we get to showcase our passion for event design and decor on an even bigger stage. We’re all about creating those wow moments, turning every event into an experience that guests will talk about long after it’s over.

circus theming and red and white chairs and ceiling draping

Ready to Make Your Event Unforgettable

In short, we’re thrilled to be recognised as a trusted partner for events at ICC Birmingham and Vox Conference Venue. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate with more of you, bringing your events to life in ways you’ve never imagined. 

Ready to make your next event unforgettable? Let’s chat.

Eventologits Icc

AI Events – How Eventologists Create Bespoke Installations Without AI Images to Set Realistic Expectations

In the vibrant world of event planning, where every detail matters, we at Eventologists pride ourselves on creating unforgettable experiences without relying solely on the futuristic temptation of AI-generated images and AI Events. Our philosophy is simple: keep it real, make it spectacular, and ensure it’s achievable. We specialise in turning spaces into extraordinary experiences for themes like Willy Wonka, Underwater Theme and lively Festival Theme

Here’s a light-hearted take on how we make the magic happen, keeping it grounded but always aiming for the stars.

The Quirky Side of AI Events Planning

AI-generated images? Sure, they’re cool and all, but when it comes to planning events, they can be a bit too dreamy. Imagine showing a client a fantasy castle in the sky for their corporate event—exciting, yes, but not exactly practical. We stick to the real deal to ensure our clients’ expectations are not just met but exceeded, with every fantastical vision brought to life in a way that’s genuinely achievable.

Mediterranean Theme Break Out Zone
Mediterranean Theme Break Out Zone Mock Up
Mediterranean Theme Break Out Zone Mock Up

Custom Creations: Our Recipe for Success

No two events are the same in our book. Whether it’s a chocolate-filled adventure in a Willy Wonka world, a snowy escape in the land of Narnia, or a vibrant festival corporate bash, we’re all about the custom touches. Our approach is to dive deep into the details—tailoring everything from the decor to the table settings to perfectly capture the theme. It’s about making each event a unique story that guests can immerse themselves in from start to finish.

Event Planning: More Than Just Pretty Event Decor

Crafting themed events goes beyond the visual elements; it’s about creating an experience that resonates with guests. The magic starts right at the entrance and carries through every detail of the party. Our goal is to weave together elements that not only look stunning but also tell a story, making the theme feel alive and engaging.

Keeping Expectations Real

Our strategy is straightforward: what you see is what you get. By avoiding AI images in our proposals, we maintain a level of authenticity that builds trust with our clients. This approach allows us to adjust and tailor each element to fit the venue and theme perfectly, ensuring the final outcome not only matches but surpasses expectations.

Why We’re Cautious with AI

In the business of creating memorable moments, staying true to what’s real and achievable is key. While we appreciate the potential of AI, we prefer to rely on our creativity and expertise to bring visions to life. It’s about guaranteeing that the events we plan are not just a dream but a reality that guests can truly experience and enjoy.

Embracing the Future, Realistically

Looking ahead, we’re not closing the door on AI. We’re open to integrating technology into our planning process, but only in ways that enhance the authenticity and impact of our events. Our aim is to use AI as a tool to support our creative vision, ensuring it complements our work rather than replaces the genuine human touch that makes events special.

In conclusion, at Eventologists, we’re all about creating experiences that leave a lasting impression—without the need for AI-generated imagery. Our focus is on creativity, customisation and making sure every event is as unique as our clients’ visions. 

Let’s create something real, remarkable and genuinely unforgettable together.

Grand Hall Table Layout Mb Event
Grand Hall
Grand Hall Mock Up
Grand Hall Mock Up

Top 25 Corporate Party Themes for Your Upcoming Event

Las Vegas Theme Party Full Dressing

At Eventologists, we specialise in creating unforgettable themed events for corporate events and private parties. Whether it’s a corporate function, charity gala, outdoor event, festival themed party or any other special occasion, our event management team is dedicated to making your event extraordinary.

With our extensive experience in event planning and a vast array of themed decorations including 007 James Bond, Masquerade, Festival Theme and Hollywood! We can bring any theme to life, ensuring your guests have an unforgettable experience. 

Let us handle the details so you can relax and enjoy your event to the fullest. Without further ado, here are our top 50 event themes:

007 James Bond Theme

Want to add some glamour and espionage to your next event? Our James Bond 007 Themed Event at Eventologists is a total hit, for its classic style is suitable for any kind of event, ranging from corporate events to parties that want to shake things up in a timeless fashion. 

We offer a variety of James Bond 007 themed elements such as:

Sip a Martini (please shaken, not stirred!) as you stroll across the room. Perhaps then you may like to try your hand at Blackjack or roulette.

An Eventologists’ James Bond 007 Themed Event is guaranteed to have something exciting for everybody that attends!

Eventologists Bond Theme Event Game Board

Las Vegas Themed Event

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… unless it is an Eventologists’ Las Vegas Themed Event, of course!

Every night is Saturday Night with our Las Vegas Themed Party, and we are ready to bring all that razzmatazz and glamour of Las Vegas to your event to create a showcase that your guests will truly remember! 

You and your guests will be greeted by showgirls handing out champagne and cocktails down the red carpet at the entrance of the venue. As they walk through the Vegas archway, you will be followed by paparazzi taking pictures of them, while the walkway is adorned with images of Vegas icons, such as Marylin Monroe and Elvis Presley to set the tone, and will be entertained before dinner by Vegas themed performers like prestigious Magicians and Fire Eaters, and beautiful dancers that will put on quite a show!

You can expect the following for your night in Vegas theme event: 

All the fun of a Las Vegas themed party along with the glamour and eccentricity that typifies this electric, iconic city will be brought to you by the Eventologists team, creating an evening where everybody is sure to let themselves loose and have tons of fun!

Las Vegas Theme Party Full Dressing

Alice in Wonderland Theme

Get ready to tumble down the rabbit hole and into a whimsical world of wonder with our Alice in Wonderland themed party! Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale, this theme promises to transport you to a place where anything is possible and the impossible is possible.

At Eventologists, we can turn your venue into a fantastical wonderland filled with enchanting props and decorations. Imagine stepping into the Mad Hatter’s tea party surrounded by larger-than-life mushrooms, quirky clocks, and colourful blooms. Our Alice in Wonderland themed props include:

Enhance the magic with our themed entertainers, including characters like the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, and, of course, Alice herself. Whether it’s a birthday bash, corporate event, or outdoor full event production, our Alice in Wonderland themed party will leave you and your guests grinning like the Cheshire Cat!

Après Ski Party Theme

Get ready to hit the slopes and après-ski in style with our Apres Ski themed party! Inspired by the cosy atmosphere of mountain lodges and the exhilaration of a day on the slopes, this theme brings the Alpine charm right to your event.

At Eventologists, we’ll transform your venue into a cosy mountain retreat, complete with rustic decor and alpine-inspired accents. Picture yourself nestled in a cosy chalet, surrounded by snowy landscapes and twinkling lights. Our Apres Ski themed props include:

Whether it’s a corporate retreat or a Christmas Party, our Apres Ski themed party will transport you to the slopes for an unforgettable après-ski experience!

Arabian Nights Themed Event

Are you ready to be whisked away and fly away on a magical carpet to a hidden land far, far away? Well, all you will need now is to attend the most magical Arabian Nights themed event!

Here at Eventologists we can make all your wishes come true by bringing all the mystery and charm of the Arab world to your Arabian or Moroccan themed party or event.

We offer a wide amount of Arabian themed props and decorations to make your party perfect, which include, among others:

Along this, you can complete the evening with our themed entertainers, going from stunning belly dancers who will get you in the mood to dance, to fire eaters that will give show stopping, inspiring and entertaining performances.

Around the World Themed Event

We give you a world tour – not in 80 days, but in one evening! With this Around the World Themed Event, you will be able to experience international cultures, food and drink in style and without having to travel anywhere! 

Around the World themed events are immensely popular and interactive, especially for company and sporting events hosting conferences and awards dinners. For international brands planning a conference or corporate event, an Around the World themed party is perfect for bringing different nationalities and markets together. It is an excellent option of themed entertainment when creating an experiential event exploring countries and cultures from around the globe, and here at Eventologists we offer the best one.

Our extensive themed props and decoration services include: 

Intertwine all the elements of your event or gala dinner into the theme by serving canapes corresponding to the different countries around the world and indulging in delicious foods from around the continents.

Your guests will enjoy picking and tucking into their favourite world cuisines and have a memorable, entertaining worldwide evening – without even leaving town!

Black and White Themed Party

Nothing can go wrong with a classic combination of colours, right? Step into the old-fashioned Burlesque and Hollywood style charm with this Black and White themed party and you will find yourself thinking and feeling like a classic era movie star. 

A Black and White themed event is a timeless and classic combination that holds the posh necessary to suit all and any occasions. Whether you are planning a corporate event or hosting a private party, the Eventologists expertise will listen to your decorations ideas and help you create a Black and White theme sure to bring elegance and class to the celebration whilst staying modern and stylish. 

You can count with the following Black and White Themed decorations and props:

Black and White themed events are an excellent option for any occasion, for they can keep the formality that a corporate event requires, without ever losing the fun charm that a gathering with friends and family need!

Bollywood Themed Party

If you want to add some lavishness to your event, look no further than an Eventologists’ Bollywood themed party!  

Bring your best ideas for a Bollywood themed event and our team of experts will make them flourish by mixing colours with song and dance, giving you the most vibrant creations and outstanding Bollywood themed party. We have colourful themed props and bold draping to transform your venue into an Indian inspired Bollywood event that is sure to stand out. 

We offer Indian themed props and Bollywood themed decorations to adorn the space, bringing a little bit of India to your chosen venue, such as:

With such an immersive theming, every guest will find themselves transported to an authentic Bollywood party in India!

Burlesque Themed Party

If you are looking for a seriously sexy and very chic theme for your little secret rendezvous, you have come to the right place, for Burlesque themed events have become all the rage ever since Moulin Rouge became a popular place to visit in Paris. 

Oooh, la la! Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the infamous Rive Gauche full of cafes, bohemian and artistic vibes, the Seine River by candlelight. Just by looking at this city, one feels that romance and love sure must have been invented here. This city is definitely fabulous and glamorous by day and unforgettable by night, and here at 

Eventologists’ we can swoop you right there with our Burlesque and Parisian themed events and parties that are just waiting for you.

Our Burlesque themed decorations and typical Parisian themed props, can include the following:

Glitter and glamour are the theme of the night, so along the Burlesque themed decorations you will find Moulin Rouge themed entertainment to make everybody’s jaw drop.

Circus Themed Party

Roll up, roll up and get ready to host the greatest show on Earth! With a Circus themed party from Eventologists, you and your guests will feel just as if you are about to watch the best performance of your lives! 

From the moment they step into the venue, your guests will be dazzled by a spectacular show filled with the best Circus themed entertainment, for our performers include jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, and aerial artists, who make the evening a real whizz of Circus themed entertainment, with the best Circus costumes and props out there. Worry not for the faint of heart, for clowns are an optional extra! 

For the best authenticity and to make sure you don’t have any extra worries, we offer a vast range of circus themed decorations and props for hire to dress every corner in the room and bring the Circus alive, as well as to ensure that it all is just as you envision it to be. We count with:

Your guests are sure to leave with big smiles and unforgettable experiences after clowning around at your Circus themed event, whether it is a fun daytime party or an eccentric, whimsical event for the night!

Classic Hollywood Silver Screen Themed Event

If you’re craving the charm of old black and white films, our Hollywood Silver Screen Themed Events and Parties are the perfect choice. At Eventologists, we provide a unique option for those seeking the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age. Step into the world of classic Hollywood with themes inspired by legends like Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Audrey Hepburn. Our award-winning theme captures the grandeur of iconic films from the silver screen era.

Our collection of in-house Classic Hollywood Silver Screen themed decorations and props to transform your venue include the following:

 A Hollywood Silver Screen Themed Event makes for an evening you will never forget.

Enchanted Woodland Themed Events and Parties

Our Enchanted Woodland themed event is an extremely popular one all throughout the year, as we recreate your very own stunning fantasy forest, with real fairies and pixies, for every season!

Whether you are looking for a spring themed event with an Enchanted Forest full of life size blossom trees and stunning blossom table centres, or a lighter, summery feel that makes a perfect theme suggestion for a Midsummer Night’s Dream black tie party, to a darker, more rustic Woodland, or even a winter themed event full of white and snowy trees and icy details, we can open your mind and take your imagination on a trip into the fantasy world of an enchanted forest theme!

Our very own variety of Enchanted Woodland themed props and decorations include:

To guarantee your comfort and save you any worries, all the decorations and props that might be needed by our stylists to set your party are available to hire from our own assortment here at Eventologists! 

Festival Themed Party

Are you an organisation planning for the conference season? Or would you simply like to plan a fun spring and summer event? In any case, the Eventologists’ Festival Themed Event is an exciting fit for any type of event or party, for our creative team can transform your indoor space into a festival full of vibrant colours, fun entertainment and an all-round celebration, or have an outdoor event – all the brighter and bolder!

As people grab their wellies and put up their tents across the country for weekends full of fun in the sun, the Eventologists creative teams invent festival themed events and parties indoors.

It is an excellent option for a corporate event to celebrate with a mini-fest where your guests can experience all the good and none of the bad. At the same time, you will have no worries at all, because our team of event planning experts will put up an amazing work into making your Festival party ideas into a reality, offering you a wide array of Festival themed props and decorations to transform the site of your choosing, such as:

Gather around the palette-style seating and get your faces painted by festival artists to get you in the partying mood. From there, you can enjoy lots of different food huts and watch a variety of live acts and festival themed entertainment!

Fire and Ice Theme

Get ready to experience the sizzle and chill of our Fire and Ice themed corporate event! Ignite the senses with a contrasting blend of fiery passion and icy elegance, creating a captivating atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

At Eventologists, we’ll transform your corporate event venue into a mesmerising landscape where fire meets ice. Our Fire and Ice themed props include:

Whether it’s a corporate gala, product launch, or holiday party, our Fire and Ice themed corporate event will ignite excitement and create an unforgettable experience for all attendees!

Glam & Glitz Themed Event

Feeling like a true superstar? Get ready for a dazzling Glam & Glitz themed event filled with sparkle and glamour that will wow your guests! These types of events are always a hit for various occasions like Charity Balls, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Themed Weddings, and Gala Awards Dinners, thanks to their elegant vibe. Glam and Glitz parties are classic and timeless, giving everyone a chance to dress up in their fanciest attire and shine bright. It’s the perfect theme for an Awards Gala Dinner too, making guests feel extra special and giving winners the spotlight they deserve.

Thanks to our in-house staff and wide array of Glam & Glitz themed props and decorations for hire, we will be able to add all the theming needed to match the mood of such a splendid event, having to your disposition, among others, elements such as:

Enjoy a night filled with sparkle and party the night way in your dazzling stilettos until your feet can’t move anymore!

Gold Theme Event

As expert party planners we specialise in creating unforgettable experiences, and our Gold-themed event is no exception. Picture your venue transformed into a golden paradise, radiating warmth and sophistication.

Our Gold-themed props and decorations include:

Enhance the ambiance with themed entertainers such as golden stilt walkers, sparkling dancers and live musicians, adding an extra layer of sophistication and excitement to your corporate gathering!

Whether it’s a gala dinner, awards ceremony, or corporate celebration, our Gold-Themed corporate event promises to elevate the experience and leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Harry Potter Themed Event 

Book and film themed events are a buzz, and what can be more immersive and astounding that a Harry Potter themed party? A great option for any type of event, whether it be for a Christmas, corporate or charity event, or even a conference, this theme is sure to transform any venue into a theatrical and magical atmosphere which will leave all your guests wonderstruck.

With the most iconic sets from the books and movies at your disposal, here at Eventologists’ we want to take all of your magical preferences into account in order to tailor the perfect evening for you

You and your guests will step right into places such as the iconic Diagon Alley, where you’ll be able to browse the shops to look for the perfect wand, the newest book of spells you need or the latest magical confectionary! Or you can take that mystical step through a wall at Platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross Station and enter a world of magic, mystique and wonderment, and make the journey all the way to the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and witness floating candles and magical paintings coming to life right before your eyes. Hogwarts awaits you in all its majestic splendour!

We also offer a wide assortment of Harry Potter themed decorations and props such as:

An extravaganza of wizardry certainly awaits you in the most famous school in the world with our Harry Potter themed event!

Masquerade Themed Party

When looking for party themes out of the ordinary, the magic and glamour of a Masquerade Ball make it an extremely popular option all year round for themed events. Whether you call them Masquerade themed parties or Venetian themed events, there’s one thing in common – Theatre!

A Masquerade Themed Event will take you back to the days of the Italian Renaissance, an era that was steeped in rich materials, lavish wall draping, themed backdrops, striking face and eye masks and Romanesque props and ambient lighting.

Here at Eventologists we have a team of talented event stylists that will listen to your Masquerade Ball party ideas to incorporate them with those of our own and tailor a perfect event that is set to meet all your requirements and expectations. 

Transforming venue spaces with the following event decor:

Get ready to sway the night away in your best clothes while being transported to an era of mystery and glamour with Eventologists’ Masquerade Themed Event, that will instantly become a night your guests will always remember.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Themed Event

Who doesn’t love a night filled with a mystical mixture of fantasy fairies and wonderful woodlands, all topped off with some love, betrayal and classic comedy? If you do, you’re in for a treat, for that is exactly what our Midsummer Night’s Dream Themed Event is created to deliver.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream themed event is a popular option all year round, for it is able to transport guests to a magical, eerie land, but it becomes especially solicited during the summertime, where the days are long and the nights are short. Inspired by the great William Shakespeare play of the same name, this theme is truly versatile, for it can be easily transformed into a Secret Garden themed event for a modern-day version of the same.

To create this marvellous display of greenery, our team of talented event stylists count with a wide array of Midsummer Night’s Dream Themed Props and Decorations:

Let Eventologists bring you a sample of our inspiring ideas to re-create this classic Shakespearean tale at your next event.

Magical Narnia Themed Party

Are you ready to get into the wardrobe and come out at a magical land? With Eventologists’ Narnia Themed Events, you will immediately step right into this magical world of wonders.

Narnia themed parties are always popular ideas, especially for Christmas parties, due to the warm, familiar and wintery feeling of its settings. Suitable for all ages and beloved by everyone, The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most iconic literature classics out there, and with all its memorable details it simply makes an amazing idea for a themed party. A mystical dream? Imagination running wild? It has all that a themed event needs, and we will simply guide you and your guests through the wardrobe and into the mysterious and make-believe world of Narnia.

We count with a massive array of winter and Narnia themed decorations and props that will bring the book alive and set the event to be exactly as you dream it to be, saving you from any of the worries that come with organising an enchanted soirée. 

We have themed elements such as:

Guests will walk on snow-covered pathways as they arrive at the venue, where they will find all the wonders that lead them to the beautiful forest play formed with twinkling trees, to everyone’s delight. If you are lucky, you might even find Aslan while wandering there!

Neon Themed Party

When you hear the word ‘Neon’ you probably think about a throwback to the 80’s, right? Sure, Neon was all the rage back then, but the fun didn’t die with that decade. In fact, in recent years Neon Themed Events have been a widely popular option for corporate events!

A fun possibility, Neon themed events work in many different spaces for they can create a funky, urban, versatile street feeling, combined with lots of colour and shimmer.

Neon themed parties are making a comeback and not just on the club scene, they are now starting to light up every circuit, so make sure you don’t miss the bling boat of adding a super cool edge to your party. If you are looking for an unusual party theme or an urban event feel, a Neon themed party could just fit the bill!

e offer a wide array of Neon themed props and decorations to make the event of your dreams happen, such as:

You won’t even recognise the venue of your choosing once we have finished transforming it to a Neon dream. Bring all your favourite tunes and hit the dance floor, for Eventologists’ Neon Themed Events and Parties will leave you and your guests astounded after an evening that you will never forget!

Rio Carnival Theme

Get ready to samba your way into an electrifying celebration with our Rio Carnival-themed corporate event, where the vibrant energy of Brazil comes to life in a kaleidoscope of colours and rhythms!

At Eventologists, we specialise in creating immersive experiences, and our Rio Carnival-themed event promises to transport your guests to the streets of Rio de Janeiro during the world’s most iconic carnival celebration.

Our Rio Carnival-themed props and decorations include:

Consider live performances by samba dancers and Brazilian drummers, captivating your guests with electrifying displays of talent and skill.

Whether it’s a corporate gala, team-building event, or product launch, our Rio Carnival-themed corporate event promises to ignite the senses and create unforgettable memories for all who attend.

Roaring 20’s and Great Gatsby Themed Party

Are you looking for something glamorous, splendid and dazzling? No need to look any further, for our Art Deco Themed Events and Parties bring back all the shimmer from one of the most memorable decades.

Get your best flappers and suits and be ready to jazz the night away because this Art Deco themed event from Eventologists will bring back the Roaring 20’s to the venue building of your choosing from the moment you and your guests set foot in it.

To enhance this 20’s themed events and parties, we offer a range of themed props such as:

As a recreation of one of the most beloved eras, this marvellous 20’s theme works with any type of corporate event or party!

Swinging 60s Theme Event 

Step back in time to the vibrant and revolutionary era of the 1960s with our 60’s themed event! Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of bold colours, geometric patterns, and larger-than-life characters of the 60’s. From Marilyn Monroe to The Beatles, channel the spirit of beloved celebrities from the 60s as you dance the night away to the groovy tunes of the era. Our 60’s themed events offer a fun and original way to infuse your corporate or private gatherings with retro charm and timeless style. 

 We’re bringing back the 60’s by transforming your venue with eclectic styles: 

Winter Wonderland Theme Event 

Here at Eventologists we can create an icy, white ambiance for your next Christmas party or Corporate event, with our Ice Themed Event that is guaranteed to give you a magical wintery feel.

Guests will enter the venue of the Winter Wonderland Themed Party through an ice tunnel lit in cool white and icy blue hues to set the tone. During reception, an ice luge can service frosty shots of vodka whilst Jack Frost and the Ice Queen entertain your guests. 

The main room will be draped in white fabric with icicle props and ice sculptures will be placed all over the room. Snowflakes will be found hanging from the ceiling and projected on the walls. 

Our talented stylists are ready to tailor an event that meets all of your dreams and requirements, fitting your best ideas for a Winter Wonderland Themed Party or Event into the creative process. Choose from the following to transform your venue space: 

To keep everybody having lots of fun, the evening could be completed with live entertainment from talented performers who are sure to bring a top-notch spectacle.

With these Top 25 Event Themes at your fingertips, creating memorable and engaging experiences has never been easier. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, gala awards night or a special celebration, the right theme can transform your event to new heights!

Enquire about our event packages and theming services.

Our expertise and creativity can turn your vision into a reality, ensuring that your event is not only successful but also unforgettable for all who attend!

The Best Themed Events in Leicester – Only with Eventologists Event Management Team!

Festival Event Theme Eventologists 1

Here at Eventologists, we love to design and tailor unique themed events which fulfil the ideas you may have for any sort of event space. No matter what the occasion, we can make it spectacular with the best themed decorations and props and our themed events expertise that guaranteed will wow your guests.

Our professional event management team has expertise across many platforms such as corporate events, charity events, gala dinners, AGMs, exhibition management services, professional conference organisation and more, which allied with our spectacular themed party props are set to make your themed event in Leicester an unforgettable experience.

We can take care of every aspect of your event, including event venue search, full event production and themed entertainment. And because we have in-house staff, props and full production facilities, you can be assured of value for money and seamless service delivery to save you from any worries. Our Professional Prop and Set Design is innovative and creative, aiming to deliver immersive themed events each time. Our Stylists and Designers will look at the venue and space to create the most spectacular Themed Set Designs for Corporate Events – or any kind of Themed Event that you have in mind!

Mediterranean Theme Event Eventologists

With a wide variety of themed events to choose the one that suits you, it is a certain thing that you will find the perfect fit for the event of your dreams, no matter the occasion. Ranging from Movie and TV Themed Events such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and Peaky Blinders, through original Seasonal Events during the year, to timeless classics such as Hollywood Events, Sports or Retro Parties, there is no doubt that Eventologists has the perfect option for you.

With no further ado, we recommend you take the first step and call us to discuss your Event Production needs in order to create your ideal Themed Event. Our team of experts will review the size, space, venue and times to create CAD designs and artist impressions of your event so you can truly imagine and envision what it will look like.

Masquerade Theme Event Eventologists 1

Furthermore, we will guide you with the best options for your venue transformation throughout the process, showing you our wide catalogue of props for hire depending on your theme, and liaising with other suppliers and the venue to save you time and stress and guaranteeing that your vision will be successfully met!

Christmas Decor for UK Venues

Eventologist’s expert team of event planners specialises in bringing the festive spirit to life, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression. With a palette of classic festive colours like red, green and gold, we transform spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands. From beautifully adorned Christmas trees to stunning wreaths, twinkling lights and charming holiday ornaments, our Christmas decor adds that special touch to shopping centres, hotel lobbies and grand entrance halls.

Let us help you capture the magic of the season and create a memorable experience for your visitors. Discover our tailored Christmas decor solutions today and make this holiday season truly unforgettable.

Christmas Ceiling Decor

Imagine the magical ambiance as you look up to see a canopy of twinkling LED lights draping gracefully from the ceiling. The soft, warm glow creates an inviting and festive atmosphere, perfect for any holiday event or Christmas corporate party.

But that’s not all – we take your ceiling decor to the next level by hanging exquisite Christmas ornaments, adding a touch of elegance and charm. You’ll be mesmerised as you walk under shimmering icicles hanging from the ceiling, giving the illusion of a glistening winter frost. The perfect addition to any winter wonderland themed event.

Of course, no Christmas ceiling decor is complete without the crowning touch – hanging stars that twinkle and shine, adding that touch of magic to your space.

Whether it’s a cosy holiday gathering in entrance halls or a grand Christmas Gala, our ceiling decor is designed to create an unforgettable experience.

Eventologists Christmas Ceiling Decorating Theming Foliage Chandelier Hire
Eventologists Christmas Ceiling Decorating Theming Ice Theme Hire
Eventologists Christmas Ceiling Decorating Theming Silver White Draping Hire

Christmas Themed Backdrops

Step into the World of Instagram-Worthy Christmas Backdrops!

Picture yourself against a backdrop of twinkling LED lights, an ‘Après Ski’ winter wonderland, a classic Santa’s Grotto, delicate snowflakes falling all around you, a shimmering gold LED background, and the dreamy elegance of a White Christmas.

Our Christmas-themed Instagram backdrops are designed to make your holiday photos unforgettable. Whether you’re capturing magical moments with loved ones, enjoying the Après Ski vibes, or visiting Santa’s Grotto, our backdrops set the scene for pure holiday magic.

Make your Instagram feed sparkle with enchanting Christmas vibes and a touch of gold. Transform your venue space this season with our Instagram backdrops, perfect for winter corporate events.

Eventologists Christmas Backdrop Theming Snowy Foliage Living Wall Hire 1
Eventologists Christmas Backdrop Theming Christmas Fireplace Hire
M & B Eventologists

Festive Theme Room Decor

Our venue decor is designed to cater to every brand’s unique needs, creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. We offer a diverse range of options, from lush green garlands that exude elegance to the warm and inviting glow of LED lights that can be customised to match your brand’s colours.

Dress up your space with ornaments that reflect your brand’s identity and style, and let our wreaths add a touch of classic charm. For a touch of whimsy, we even offer tinkling spider trees that bring a playful, unexpected element to your decor.

No matter the vision or theme, we have the expertise and creativity to make it a reality. Our goal is to provide tailored decor solutions that align with your brand’s identity and elevate the atmosphere of your venue. Get in touch with us today, and let’s transform your space together.

Eventologists Christmas Led Twinkle Twig Tree Decor Hire
Eventologists Christmas Tall Twinkle Twig Table Centre Hire
Eventologists Christmas Twinkle Twig Podium Dressing Hire

Christmas Themed Tunnels & Party Entrances

Transform Your Venue’s Entrance with Our Festive Theme Entrance Tunnels.

Step into a world of enchantment as you walk through our stunning entrance tunnels. We bring your festive vision to life with the warm glow of gold LED lights that add a touch of luxury. Envision your guests walking through a dazzling tunnel complemented by the cool, silvery blue ornaments that evoke the magic of the season.

Our twinkling spider trees create a whimsical and inviting atmosphere that captures the hearts of your guests. These tunnels are designed to be a mesmerising gateway to your event, setting the tone for what’s to come.

We understand that every brand is unique and our decor solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our entrance tunnels, we aim to make a grand statement that aligns seamlessly with your brand’s identity.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your space into a mesmerising wonderland. 

Contact us today to discuss your vision and let us make your dream event a reality.

Eventologists Christmas Led Twinkle Twig Winter Tunnel Entrance
Leicester Eventologists
Eventologists Chritmas Led Twinkle Twig Tunnel Hire

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your space into a mesmerising wonderland. 

Contact us today to discuss your vision and let us make your dream event a reality.

Eventologists Unique Christmas Tree Installations

Welcome to Eventologists, your one-stop destination for exceptional Christmas tree installations that will make your venue stand out this holiday season. Our UK-wide service is dedicated to bringing unique, creative and unforgettable Christmas tree designs to venues across the country.

Unique Retro Trees

Step back in time with our retro-inspired Christmas tree installations. From vintage baubles to classic colour schemes, these trees offer a nostalgic twist that will transport your guests to the Christmases of previous times.

80's Christmas Themed Event

Peacock-Inspired Trees

For a touch of opulence and glamour, our peacock-inspired Christmas trees are the perfect choice. Featuring vibrant, jewel-toned ornaments and regal feathers, these trees add a sense of elegance and luxury to your venue.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas Tree

Celebrate the season with our classic red, green and gold Christmas tree installations. Embrace the timeless charm of traditional holiday décor, featuring classic ornaments, twinkling lights and the warmth of evergreen. Capture the heart-warming essence of Christmas with our custom festive trees, perfect for large UK spaces like shopping centres, hotel lobbies, and grand entrance halls.

Traditional Christmas Tree in reception lobby with red and gold decorations
gold christmas tree

Pink and Purple-Themed Trees

For a unique twist on tradition, our pink and purple-themed Christmas trees are a delightful choice. These trees showcase a whimsical blend of pink and purple ornaments, creating a festive, fun, and eye-catching display that’s sure to captivate your guests.

At Eventologists, we take pride in delivering Christmas tree installations that go beyond the ordinary. Our designs are tailored to your preferences, whether you seek a retro vibe, peacock-inspired extravagance, traditional elegance, or a playful pink and purple theme.

Christmas Tree with large pink and purple baubles and white star
Event Photography

Bespoke Branded Christmas Tree Installations

Elevate your brand’s holiday presence with our Bespoke Branded Christmas Tree Installations. Tailored to your unique vision, these stunning trees infuse grand spaces with festive charm. Ideal for shopping centres, hotel lobbies, or grand entrance halls for venues across the UK. Create an enchanting atmosphere that captivates your audience. Explore our custom holiday solutions today!

Eventologists Christmas Tree Hire Blue Purple Christmas Decortations
Leicester Eventologists

Make your venue the talk of the town with our unique Christmas tree installations.

Contact us today to bring a touch of magic to your UK venue this holiday season.

Eventologists Support Kindled Spirit Charity from October 2023

Empowering Young Women

At Eventologists, we believe in the power of giving back and making a meaningful impact. We are delighted to announce that from October 2023 we are Directors and Trustees of Kindled Spirit Charity, an organisation that’s doing incredible work in India to support and empower vulnerable young women.

From October 2023, the sales generated through our events, will be making a heartfelt donation to Kindled Spirit Charity. This is not just about giving money; it’s about changing lives and creating brighter futures.

Kindled Spirit is on a mission to rescue and empower young women like Preeti, who, at a tender age of 8, found herself trapped in modern slavery. After 9 years of unimaginable hardship, she was rescued and found hope through Kshamata, Kindled Spirit’s long-term partner. With the charity’s support, Preeti successfully completed an 18-month rehabilitation program, acquired vital vocational skills, and restored her mental well-being. Her inspiring journey is just one example of the incredible impact of this great charity.

Your support, as our valued clients and partners, means that you too are part of this transformation. By choosing Eventologists, you’re not only getting exceptional event services but also becoming a beacon of hope for young lives in need.

A portion of every event sale will go towards Kindled Spirit Charity, contributing to their noble cause of saving and transforming lives. Together, we are making a real difference and spreading love and kindness across borders.

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Top 20 Unique Christmas Party Ideas

Unique Christmas Party Ideas

Hello, Christmas party planners of the UK! With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s time to wave goodbye to the usual and say hello to the extraordinary! We’ve rounded up 20 exceptional and one-of-a-kind Christmas party ideas that are sure to make your celebration shine. Let’s dive in and make your festivities unforgettable! Introducing our top 20 most unusual Christmas party themes:

1. North Pole Casino Night: Bringing Vegas to the UK with a Christmas Twist!

Ready for a unique Christmas party? Try our North Pole Casino Night, blending the glamour of Vegas with festive cheer. Transform your venue with candy cane decor, enjoy gingerbread martinis, and roll the dice with poker and roulette!

How We’re Adding Vegas to the UK:

Christmas Morning In Vegas 1

2. Villain’s at Christmas: A Mischevious Party

Prepare for a holiday celebration that defies tradition with our “Villains’ Christmas Soiree”. Step into a world where the mischievous and the merry combine, paying homage to the most iconic Christmas villains. Think, Grinch, Scrooge and of course ‘The Wet Bandits’!

Wickedly Festive Decor: Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the dark side of the holiday season takes centre stage. Our event designers will skilfully blend the sinister charm of Scrooge, the Grinch, and other infamous villains with traditional holiday elements.

Villains At Christmas 1

3. Tropical Paradise Christmas Party: Ibiza-Inspired Winter Wonderland

Get ready to escape the chilly UK weather and step into a tropical paradise with the ultimate fusion of Ibiza summer festival vibes and Christmas party cheer! Transport your guests to a world of sun-soaked beaches and swaying palm trees, all while celebrating the festive season with a refreshing twist.

Picture this:

Ibiza Winter Wonderland Theme 1

4. All Aboard for Polar Express Brunch’mas

All aboard for a magical Christmas celebration with our “Brunch’mas” Polar Express Theme Party! We’re taking the cosy brunch concept and giving it a wintry twist inspired by the beloved Polar Express story. Get ready to embark on a journey of delightful flavours and heart-warming festivities.

Polar Express Brunchmas 1

5. Tim Burton’s Christmas Nightmare

Step into the whimsical and slightly eerie world of Tim Burton with a Christmas Nightmare theme. Combine his iconic films like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Edward Scissorhands” for a delightfully weird and wonderfully dark holiday gathering.

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme 1

6. A Pink Christmas Delight

Embrace the magic of a Pink Christmas Delight! This year, it’s all about celebrating in a dreamy pink wonderland. Picture pink Christmas trees, lights, and décor that will transport you to a fairytale realm.


Pink Christmas Theme 1

7. Alien Christmas Invasion

Are you ready to take your holiday celebrations to a whole new level? Imagine an intergalactic twist on Christmas that’s sure to leave your guests amazed and talking about your event for years to come. At Eventologists, we specialise in creating unique and unforgettable experiences, and our Alien Christmas Invasion Extravaganza is no exception.

Alien Christmas Invasion 1

8. Santa’s Workshop Disco

Combine the magic of Christmas with the funky vibes of a disco party. Have your guests dress up as elves, reindeer, or disco divas, and dance the night away under colourful lights.

Santas Workshop Disco 1

9. The Gingerbread Takeover

Get ready to be swept away by the sugary wonder of a Gingerbread Takeover. Immerse yourself in a world where gingerbread reigns supreme, blending creativity and celebration into an unforgettable event.

A sweet taste:

Gingerbread Takeover Theme 1

10. Christmas Carnival: Fun Games for a Memorable Christmas Party in the UK

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind Christmas Carnival with an additional Ugly Christmas Jumper Festival! This unique event combines hilarious ugly sweater fashion with lively festival games, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and excitement.


Classic Christmas Carnival Theme

11. A Christmas Candy Wonderland

Indulge your senses in a holiday celebration like no other at our “Christmas Candy Wonderland Party”. Immerse yourself in a sugary fantasy world where candies reign supreme, promising an enchanting and unforgettable experience.

Sweet Inspiration:

Christmas Candy Wonderland 1

12. Under the Mistletoe Masquerade

Combine masquerade elegance with the playful tradition of mistletoe. Encourage guests to wear masks and enjoy dancing and festivities under mistletoe decorations.

Mistletoe Masquerade Theme 1

13. A Glowing Arctic Party

Host a blacklight party with an Arctic twist. Use neon colours to create a glowing winter wonderland, and encourage guests to wear white and fluorescent attire.

Glowing Arctic Party 1

14. Santa’s Secret Garden

Imagine Santa’s hidden garden filled with magical creatures and plants. Create an enchanted forest atmosphere with lush greenery, fairy light and fairytale decorations.

Santas Secret Garden 1

15. Christmas Around the World

Celebrate the diversity of holiday traditions by featuring decorations, food and activities from different cultures around the world.

Christmas Around The World 1

16. Santa’s Beach Bash

Break the tradition of a white snowy Christmas by celebrating on a tropical beach. Decorate with palm trees, serve summery treats, and have a blast in your Santa hats (and maybe your swimsuit!).

Santas Beach Bash 1

17. Pantomime Extravaganza: Unveiling the Magic of Christmas

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into a realm of magic and laughter with our “Pantomime Theme Christmas Party.” Immerse yourself in the captivating world of pantomime, where classic tales come to life with a touch of comedy, music, and magic.


Pantomime Extravaganza 1

18. Radiant Christmas Light Theme

Step into a shimmering wonderland of light with our “Radiant Christmas Lights Theme’. This dazzling theme celebrates the magic of Christmas lights, turning your party into a mesmerising spectacle that captures the spirit of the season.

Radiant Christmas Light 1

19. Narnia, Enchanted Wardrobe Christmas Party

Step foot beyond the wardrobe with our Narnia themed Christmas party, where snow-covered forests, mythical creatures, and a sense of wonder await at every turn.

Narnia The Enchanted Wardrobe 1

20. Die Hard Holiday Havoc

Step into the heart-pounding world of “Die Hard” with our “Die Hard Holiday Havoc” party, a thrilling and action-packed celebration that pays tribute to the iconic Christmas movie. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled holiday bash that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

New York Ambience: Transport yourself to New York City, twinkling lights and New York inspired table centres, the ambiance Eventologists’ creates captures the essence of the urban jungle.

Blockbuster Event Decor: We will transform your venue into a cinematic wonderland. Walk the red carpet, pose with life-sized movie cut-outs and enjoy a blockbuster event!

Die Hard Holiday Havoc 1

As you can see, there are countless ways to make your Christmas party truly special and unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a festive celebration with friends and family, the options are endless. From cosy and traditional to extravagant and unique, there’s something for everyone.

To bring your dream Christmas party to life, contact our event management team today. They’re here to help you plan, coordinate and execute the perfect holiday gathering that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

So, reach out now, and let’s make this holiday season one to remember!

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Be the most shining starlet in this Glam & Glitz themed event!

Themed Events | Themed Parties | Themed Decorations and Props | Glam & Glitz Themed Events and Parties | Glam & Glitz Themed Decorations and PropsRoaring 20s Party Ideas

Feeling like a classic superstar? Bring on all the fabulousness with a super Glam & Glitz themed event full of sparkle and glamour that is guaranteed to dazzle your guests! Eventologists introduce our Roaring 20s Party Ideas guaranteed to dazzle your guests.

Due to their elegant tone, Glam & Glitz themed events are always extremely popular for many types of occasions – Charity Balls, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Themed Weddings, Gala Awards Dinners. Glam and Glitz themed parties are timeless and classical, giving an opportunity for guests to glam up to the max and dress up in sparkle and shine. Everybody enjoys choosing a new sparkly gown or dashing tuxedo, and this opportunity will sure make every guest feel like a star.

A Glam & Glitz evening is also a perfect theme for an Awards Gala Dinner, ensuring your guests feel even more special and valued, and giving the winners the chance to shine as much as the recognition they are receiving.

Here at Eventologists, our team of party stylists with great expertise will be happy to show you many possible visions for this classic event. They will also be more than glad to guide and walk with you through the way of whole creative process if you bring your own Glam & Glitz party ideas to make the event you envision no more a dream but a truly shiny and shimmering reality.

Thanks to our in-house staff and wide array of Glam & Glitz themed props and decorations for hire, we will be able to add all the theming needed to match the mood of such a splendid event, having to your disposition, among others, elements such as:

Enhance the evening with a live jazz band or a super dance troop with the most authentic Glitz & Glam costumes and party the night way in your sparkly stilettos until your feet can’t move any more!


Check out our Glam & Glitz Themed Event Packages here! Contact our event management team today and they will dazzle you with their expertise in corporate event planning.

Autumn Decor Party Themes

Autumn Decor Across The UK, Leaving Your Guests In Awe.

When the weather starts to cool down, the leaves change colour and start slowly dropping all over the ground. The crisp sound of stepping on leaves is a sure sign that autumn is here! What could be better than celebrating its arrival in true autumnal fashion? This season brings lots of inspiration, so here we have made a recollection of our favourite classic ideas for an autumn party! The perfect Autumn Decor for venues across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester and more!

1. Summer Festival

Before welcoming the autumn, what about saying goodbye to summer? A late summer/early autumn festival is a fantastic event theme during those early days of autumn where the weather is just the right amount of cool and breezy. You can incorporate into the design of the event the best elements from both seasons, doing something as creative as summer flowers and bunting in autumnal colours with faux trees with autumn leaves and festival arches with maple leaves! Take advantage of the weather and make it an outdoor corporate event with street food huts and outdoor furniture with a Glastonbury style festival stage!

2. Brunch, But Make It Autumn Decor

Brunch is beloved any time of the year, so making a seasonal version of it is undoubtedly a winning idea! Hosting an Autumn Brunch Party leaves open a wide space for creativity, for you can take your favourite elements from a traditional brunch and give them a fun, autumnal twist. Design a menu that includes the favourite flavours of the season, like pumpkin spiced cake, apple cider mimosas, baked fruit casseroles, and more! In terms of decoration, adding beautiful wreaths, pumpkins and warm coloured details would be fantastic, for it creates a wonderful atmosphere while also working as a highly instagrammable setting! If brunch flows into the evening (as they normally do!), why not bring out the mulled wine to gently take you into the cooler night.

3. Secret Garden

As the new season approaches what better way to celebrate the gorgeous colours of autumn by having your very own secret garden set up by us. Open the wooden door to a magical secret garden dressed in autumnal foliage and fairly lights all around to create a warm ambience. Why stop there? Bring an element of fun by adding a beautifully dressed swing for those unforgettable instagrammable moments! Even add LED signs in your chosen colour to highlight the best backdrop opportunities for the evening! Add props to make the area really immersive with wishing wells and foliage swing photo opportunities.

4. Supper Club, Indoor & Outdoor

A traditional dining experience with an outdoors indoor vibe brings you a Mediterranean style outdoor dining experience to your venue. It’s a great way to step into a new season with a magical. A sophisticated evening with friends or colleagues surrounded by the warmth of the autumn décor, artificial trees, festoon lights and long rustic tables and benches will create the look. The Long bench style tables can be dressed in logs, candles, autumnal leaves and artificial grass to bring the outside, inside. Seasonal foliage and greenery and an autumnal chandelier can add coats of charm to your venue, setting a perfect scene for a delightful soirée for you and your invitees.

5. Oktoberfest and Bavarian

Instead of going all the way to Germany, you can bring all the fun of the Oktoberfest to your venue! Organize your own beer festival at work with all the best elements from the traditional Bavarian party. From the classic white and blue colour scheme to the delicious snacks like pretzels, sausages, potatoes and more, and of course, the unavoidable and highly expected booze! Get a fun selection of different kinds of beer and along with rustic Bavarian décor and props as well as barrels and rustic wooden furniture to create the look. Surprise guests with an Oompah band, and, if people are on board, you can all get dressed up in traditional costumes for an extra layer of fun!


6. Spooky Halloween Fun

Each year, celebrating Halloween becomes more and more popular in the UK, and with good reason! This festivity brings along lots of fun, so it’s a given that hosting a Halloween Party is a fantastic idea. Classic orange and black need to be present in the setting of the venue, along with ghosts, witches, vampires and more! Keep it classy for a Halloween Corporate event with autumnal floral décor and pumpkins along with some touches of orange lighting and touches of wood. The menu can also be more refined and thoroughly designed; keep the classic candies and chocolates, but spice it all up with fun cocktails and interesting dishes! Create a playlist with Halloween-ish tunes and get everybody on board with costumes and there you have it all set for a great party!

7. Gold Party

As the leaves turn orange and the weather gets gloomier why not bring some glitz and glam by hosting a gold themed party! Set the mood with soft glow lights all around the venue that’ll leave a sparkle in your guests’ eyes. Add touches of gold throughout whether it be: chairs, table centres, foliage, candle holders or even more gold gilted props… such as gold photo opportunities, gold arches or even gold chandeliers in the ceiling. End the night with a BANG and set off fireworks to amaze your guests or even add a spectacular touch of sparklers to add that extra glitter and sparkle.

8. Enchanted Woodland

An Enchanted Woodland themed party is a perfect option when it comes to an Autumn event, Faux trees, stunning foliage tunnels, foliage walls and foliage ceiling chandeliers will create a magical enchanted forest themed event in your venue. For it can capture the most whimsical season in the year, nothing beats creating a woodland theme. With a dark and rustic feeling that encapsulates a trip into the fantasy, adding in forest of fairies, pixies and many special forest themed entertainment will be truly magical. A truly immersive theme, this option would be a magnificent choice for those who want to leave their guests in awe!

9. Neon Jungle

If you want to bring something truly unexpected to the Autumn party scene, a Neon Jungle theme might be perfect for you. Bright colours, different textures, LED light furniture, neon light props and vibrant decorations will bring the autumnal feeling to your party. You can go wild with this theme with lots of foliage, animal props and jungle themed décor to create the look. This theme will transform your venue into something roar some for your guests to have the time of their lives in the neon jungle!

10. Classic Autumn Gala

Or, if you want something traditional with a seasonal twist, you simply can’t go wrong with a classic Autumn Gala party! Bring all the glamour and the glitz from a black-tie party to the season with an autumnal colour scheme. Accompanied by seasonal flowers and foliage that can enhance the scene in a way that is both themed and delightfully traditional. Design a menu that showcases the flavours of the season in a fancy way. With all these elements combined, you are set for an unforgettable gala that your invitees will undoubtedly love to attend!

Ready to Transform Your Space? Get in Touch!

If you’re excited to bring the magic of autumn into your home, we’re here to help. Our team of experienced designers is passionate about crafting spaces that reflect your unique style and the beauty of the season. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a warm and inviting ambiance that you’ll cherish throughout autumn and beyond.

Embrace the season’s charm. Contact us at to get started. Or fill out our contact form here.

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  • We have worked with Eventologists for the a couple of years now and can't fault them from start to finish the whole process is very seamless and the stuff they do is incredible! We have themed evenings and they always come up with some fab ideas that help to emphasise the theme and bring it to life. Our events have conference sessions in the venue during the day and we transform them for our awards in the evening and Eventologists always completely transform the space for the evening so that it feels like you're in a completely different space which makes it all feel so much more special and a real celebration and by the time morning arrives its all completely cleared as if by magic!

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  • Great props, prompt delivery, awesome team. Would use again.

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  • A wonderful team who made our event space look incredible. Jacob took our ideas and brought them to life. We've had amazing feedback about the event design, so we couldn't be happier. Everyone really loved the living wall and trees!

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  • Rita has been an absolute pleasure to work with; she listened to our ideas and vision and then totally ran with it and created something better than we could have ever imagined! On the event day, Rita and her team swooped in and decorated our venue in record time. Rita and the team were professional and efficient. We look forward to working with Eventologists again next year!

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  • Eventologists are a pleasure to work with. The whole experience from start to finish isn't nothing short of perfection. The team are super professional and Jen makes working with them a breeze. Nothing is too much and she is always so responsive. Can't wait to work with them again :)

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  • We’ve used the services of Eventologists on numerous occasions and their expertise is priceless. Great service as always from Rita and her team who are always full of ideas and ways to make your event stand out. We’ve hired sets for Moulin Rouge, Great Gatsby, Hollywood and Glitz and Glam plus they created a wonderful set for a festival including tress with festoon and flags. Highly recommended and great to work with.

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  • Wonderful team, from the event manager to the decorators! The choices of set ups and themes are really original as well as well made. Each event is done with lots of passion , always keeping the client best interest at heart. Great value for money, and they always go the extra mile!

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