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Turn up the Heat this Christmas with our Cool Fire & Ice Themed Event!

Ever heard the saying opposites attract, well it couldn’t be more true, especially when it comes to the theatrical Fire & Ice event theme by Eventologists, a perfect way to turn up the heat at your next Christmas party. This innovative theme combines two of the most dynamic and opposing elements to create a dramatic play on duality and an ambience your guests will never forget.

The creation of this event has two exciting options with regards to the layout. You can either split your venue into two separate Fire and Ice areas, keeping the contrasting elements apart, or you can fuse the two together for an explosion of heat and frost. Either way this explosion of elements is sure to fuel an event your guests will never forget!

To transform the room into separate Fire and Ice spaces, Eventologists will use red, yellow and orange coloured décor schemes and props across one side to represent the flames and heat of the fire, alongside blue, white and purple décor on the other side to make your guests feel icy cold. Dress it up with a showcase of Flame table centrepieces or Candelabras on one side and Icy Willow or Ice Sculpture table centres on the other. Finally, we will tie this incredible atmosphere together with our amazing Fire Performers and Ice Fairies to provide your guests with mesmerising entertainment, aligning the two themes for a night filled with drama!

If you choose to have these elements separate, an exciting way to split the themes between different rooms ensuring your guests are immersed from start to finish, is to have guests enter via a fiery drink’s reception, with flames, hot beverages and Fire Performers. From there on, your guests will walk through a cool ice tunnel into a room adorned with icy décor and frosty details. This will ensure that your guests are surrounded in the perfect atmosphere for them to ‘chill’ out in as the evening goes on!

If you chose to fuse the two elements together in a mesmerising event exploring the heat of fire and the cold of ice, we can offer a mixture of red and orange draping, icy table centres and frosty décor. You will have both our incredible Fire performers and our elegant Ice Fairies entertaining your guests throughout your event, each showcasing their spectacular element, allowing your guests to chose which is superior.

Whatever way you chose to present this event, the captivating combination of opposing elements is sure to grab your guest’s attention and immerse them in a dramatic event that they will never forget!

Our Fire and Ice Décor and Props include:

  • Large Fire Prop Hire
  • Fire and Ice Stage Backdrop Hire
  • Twinkle Twig Entrance Hire
  • Star Cloth Draping Hire
  • Candle Table Centres Hire

Fire and Ice Entertainment includes:

  • Ice Fairies
  • Fire Performers
  • Contortionists
  • Aerialists

To find out more about our dramatic Fire & Ice event theme, speak to one our Event Stylists today.