Colour Trends for Events 2012 to 2013

Colour Trends for Events 2012 to 2013 
Did you know that Event designs often follow fashion colour trends?….what I mean by that statement is that you will often find the more prevalent and predominant colours featured within any event theme may often follow the actual latest trends….So what colours will stay and what will make a comeback for the remainder of 2012?Red, white and blue have been incredibly strong this year following the Diamond Jubilee and the current 2012 Olympics. These will remain strong for the remainder of the year whilst blue will grow, red will definitely fall back next year according to a colour trend forecast.
Browns are growing in importance; they add depth and are great alternative base tones. Black meanwhile, sits on the forever eternal circle and seems in danger of being pushed aside. However, Vera Wang, designer to the superstars reported that 9 out of 15 wedding dresses made were black…. Will black be seen again as avant-garde?
Peaceful neutrals will be strong in 2013. Whilst metallics, once very rare, have become so much a part of everyday colour language. Look out for metallics in all colours instead of the standard gold, silver and bronze.
Whilst red becomes less important, we will see a growing influence of yellow along with orange shades – these are happy and bright and will make any event stand out from the crowd. Pink continues to make itself known for 2013.

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