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Eventologists Brings Spring to life at Wagamama’s Hanami Festival

This March, several Wagamama UK restaurants sprung to life with pink cherry blossom clad installations to transform their spaces and create the perfect spring scene for their Hanami Festival.

Hanami, which literally means “viewing flowers” is a time when various festivals are held in Japan to celebrate the blossoming of their springtime sakura cherry blossoms. It’s a time when people come together to eat, drink, sing and celebrate renewal, vitality and the beauty of nature.

This year, Wagamama’s UK has brought this festival to life at several of their locations, including Birmingham (Bull Ring), London (Wigmore St.), Cardiff Library, Manchester and Edinburgh (St. Andrews). The installations started in March and will run for 8 weeks in each location until May 15th.

To bring the beauty of the Japanese cherry blossoms inside, Eventologists’ and Event Trees created bespoke cherry blossom trees and blossom canopy ceilings to fit these particular locations and create a Japanese Hanami festival feel for Wagamama’s.

The logistics were tight as the installs could only happen whilst the restaurants were closed. Overnight, our crew transformed bare ceilings and light fixtures with stunning textures and colours to emulate how incredible the Hanami Festival is in Japan.

What a homage to something so beautiful? And what a great immersive space to devour the flavours of one of the most renowned Asian Restaurant chains in the UK! If only all restaurants could transport us to their roots!

If you visit one of these venues during the festival, we’d love to hear your feedback and make sure to take a selfie and tag us @eventologists.

If you’re a business wanting to know more about how Eventologists can help you create a bespoke theme in your stores, restaurants, cafes or any other venue, please get in touch with one of our specialists today.